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Rull Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Bender 0131 E452564-8  Ni Po  404 Mn G6V
  0131 D452564-8  Ni Po  604 Mn G6V
Konnel 0135 A6A3300-C  Fl Lo Ni  523 Mn M7V,M5D
  0135 A6A3413-D  Fl Lo Ni  223 Mn M7V,M5D
Pinkel 0136 C668664-7  Ag Ni Ri  502 Mn F1V,M3V
  0136 B668743-8  Ag Ri  102 Mn F1V,M3V
Junnice 0232 B301110-8 M Ic Lo Ni Va  522 Mn G2IV
  0232 A301210-9 M Ic Lo Ni Va  222 Mn G2IV
Kelly 0235 E444767-7  Ag  503 Mn M0V
  0235 E444867-9  Ag  103 Mn M0V
Cauchon 0236 A110466-D  Ni A924 Mn F3III
  0236 A110566-D  Ni De A224 Mn F3III
Esker 0239 B99A747-9  Wa  823 Na K2V
  0239 A99A847-D  Wa  223 Na K2V
Thorhault 0332 B785577-6  Ag Ni  412 Mn G3V,M1D
  0332 B785577-8  Ag Ni  712 Mn G3V,M1D
Baldur 0335 B425555-A  Ni  715 Mn G4V
  0335 B425655-C  Ni  315 Mn G4V
Cale 0336 X330321-4  De Po Ni R604 Mn M6V
  0336 X330321-4  De Po Ni R504 Mn M6V
Guam Go 0431 B651699-8  Ni Po  805 Mn G1V,M7D
  0431 B651799-9  Ni Po  205 Mn G1V,M7D
Spirit 0436 B739769-A     114 Mn M2V
  0436 B739769-B     214 Mn M2V
Mossip 0437 A736363-D M Lo Ni  204 Mn G4V
  0437 A736363-D M Lo Ni  404 Mn G4V
Aren-Karu 0439 B78566A-A  Ag Ni Ri  204 Na F7V,M9D
  0439 A78577A-C M Ag Ri  104 Na F7V,M9D
Rull 0538 A00089D-A  As  304 Mn K8V
  0538 A00089D-C M As  704 Mn K8V
Bail 0633 C8A5101-B  Fl Lo Ni  305 Mn F9V
  0633 C8A5101-C  Fl Lo Ni  605 Mn F9V
Mape 0634 B554363-A M Lo Ni  224 Mn K1V
  0634 A554363-C M Lo Ni  624 Mn K1V
Maru 0639 A73A774-A  Wa  713 Na M2V
  0639 A73A876-C M Wa  113 Na M2V
Forget 0732 C457451-6  Ni  201 Mn K4V
  0732 C457451-7  Ni  401 Mn K4V
Foop 0734 CA89540-7 M Ni Ri  610 Mn G8V
  0734 CA89640-9 M Ni Ri  310 Mn G8V
Connaught 0735 C4846AA-6  Ag Ni  102 Mn F5V
  0735 B484678-6  Ag Ni  302 Mn F5V
Ripost 0837 D344863-2    604 Mn F4V,M6D
  0837 C344863-4     904 Mn F4V,M6D
Ventnor 0839 C212379-6  Ic Lo Ni  112 Na M3V
  0839 B212456-A  Ic Lo Ni  512 Cs M3V
Ovant 0840 E577200-6  Lo Ni A920 Na F6V
  0840 C577415-9  Lo Ni A320 Na F6V

J = Avalaran Naval Bases
M = Mnemosyne Military Base

Alligence Codes
Av: Avalar Consulate
Mn: Mnemosyne Principality
Na: Non-Aligned.

Rull Subsector: The Capital of the Mnemosyne Principality is in the Far Frontiers (Afachtiabr) Sector, and Rull subsector can be described as the Mnemosyne backyard. Aside from trade moving up the Mortal Coil through the rimward interface, the Principality recieves little contact from the rest of the Spinward Extents. Rull and Lassana Subsectors are occupied primarily to keep out pirates and powers hostile to the Principality. Development is rather limited, and many worlds are colonies with only nominal loyalty to the Principality. The Principality is named after Mnemosyne, the Greek Goddess of Memory and the mother of the Seven Muses.

The Cale system (0336) is a prison colony used by the Mnemosyne government to exile incorrigible prisoners.

For more information on the Principality go to Library Data

The total 1202 population of Rull Subsector is 2.0 Billion, about half of that being a minor race on Ripost. Highest TL is D, at Mossip and Cauchon.

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