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Harem Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex UWP BS Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Wright 0935 C470574-9   De Ni   305 Mn F8V,M6D
  0935 C470572-9   De Ni   505 Mn F8V,M6D
Ninang 1032 XAE3000-0   B Fl R003 Na M1V,M5D
  1032 XAE3000-0   B Fl R003 Na M1V,M5D
Denanus 1039 B347557-B J Ag Ni   714 Av F1V,M7D
  1039 B347655-C J Ag Ni   414 Av F1V,M7D
Vanja 1139 C000577-C   As Ni A232 Av M4V
  1139 B000588-C   As Ni   532 Av M4V
Soonrod 1140 B776513-B   Ag Ni   224 Av F9V
  1140 B776513-B   Ag Ni   524 Av F9V
Detansa 1234 X513000-0   Ba Ic Lo R000 Na M3V,M4D
  1234 X513000-0   Ba Ic R000 Na M3V,M4D
Wakato 1239 B778440-B   Ni   123 Av K6V
  1239 B778553-D J Ag Ni   223 Av K6V
Bophani 1240 C493520-7   Ni   212 Av F2V
  1240 C493520-8   Ni   512 Av F2V
Elloni 1335 D548405-6   Ni   700 Av F3V,M5D
  1335 C548504-7   Ni Ag   400 Av F3V,M5D
Goku 1432 D150441-9   De Ni Po A524 Av G1V
  1432 D150541-A   De Ni Po A124 Av G1V
Huaras 1534 D344556-8   Ag Ni   102 Av K2V
  1534 C344556-9   Ag Ni   202 Av K2V
Daphne 1536 B786786-B   Ag Ri   512 Av G8V
  1536 A786886-C   Ri   512 Av G8V
Bebeto 1539 B786898-9   Ri   221 Av F7V
  1539 A786998-B J Hi   121 Av F7V
Ringun 1631 A866796-A J Ag Ri   701 Av F5V,M0D
  1631 A868896-C J Ri R:Z   501 Av F5V,M0D
Isobel 1632 B336423-9   Ni A300 Av M8II,M3V
  1632 B336523-A   Ni A100 Av M8II,M3V
Banbas 1634 C513454-8   Ic Ni   804 Av G8IV
  1634 C513554-A   Ic Ni   204 Av G8IV
Avalar 1636 A75599C-C J Hi Cp   904 Av G9V
  1636 A755A9C-E J Hi Cp   204 Av G9V
Milne 1637 A888947-C J Hi   324 Av F6V,M7D, M1V
  1637 A888947-E J Hi   824 Av F6V,M7D, M1V
Olga 1639 B454766-C J Ag   914 Av G9V
  1639 B454844-D J     114 Av G9V
Caliente 1640 C6739CC-7   Hi In   404 Av F1V
  1640 B6739CC-A   Hi In   704 Av F1V

J = Avalaran naval bases

Alligence Codes
Av: Avalar Consulate
Mn: Mnemosyne Principality
Na: Non-Aligned.

Harem Subsector (1116): The total population of Harem subsector is 17 billion, (9 billion at Avalar) and the highest tech-level is 12 at Avalar, Milne and Olga.

Harem Subsector (1200):Current Population is 37.1 billion, and the highest TL is E at Avalar and Milne, a massive increase that reflects the regions new wealth and prestige.

Before the Collapse, Avalar was more of an administrative centre than an industrial hub. This permitted other worlds, like Tewupo in Piah subsector and Titan in Titan subsector, to concentrate on mass production, sparing the capitol the messiness of heavy industry. This changed as more trade passed through the subsector in the wake of the Collapse. Avalar and Milne recieved heavy investment in infrastructure and technological imrprovements. They are now TL E, and are likely, along with Dotemire in neighboring Python/Beyond, to break the TL F barrier long before the other regions of the Consulate do. This has led to considerable bickering and no small amount of envy among the Consulate's other industrial worlds.

Six worlds in this subsector are part of the Avalar Corridor, a jump-1 route connecting 13 worlds in Harem, Piah and Python subsectors. These worlds are Daphne (1536), Avalar (1636), Milne (1637), Bebeto (1539), Olga (1639) and Caliente (1640).

Harem is bisected by a region of low density space known as the Avalar Cleft. Only one system, the interdicted Detansa system (1234), bridges the gap. On the other side is the Mnemosyne Principality world of Wright. Because of the j-4 distance required to cross the cleft, trade relations between Avalar and Mnemosyne are rather undeveloped. The border is rather unprotected, though as the Consulate has increased in TL, the Principality is beginning to fortify their trailing border region.

Harem subector is so called because the Solomani explorers first coming here named the systems after their loved ones. Some worlds still have personal names, but most of the worlds have changed names to reflect later colonisation and habitation.

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