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Urnian Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex UWP BS Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Dinpholasy 2532 B988676-9   Ag Ni Ri A105 Av F1V
  2532 B988686-B J Ag Ri Ni A605 Av F1V
Lune 2537 C4409A6-A   De Hi In A103 Na G5V
2537 B440966-A J De Hi In A303 Av G5V
Ronu 2632 E534440-3   Ni Po   402 Av F0V,M5D
  2632 C534440-5   Ni Po   602 Av F0V,M5D
Lela 2634 C310400-A   Ni   912 Na G6V
2634 C310514-C   Ni   212 Av G6V
Suspe 2731 B8C6311-C J Fl Lo Ni   904 Av G3V,M9D
  2731 B8C6411-D J Fl Lo Ni   404 Av G3V,M9D
Capshobem 2736 B78A100-6   Lo Ni Wa   213 Na F8V,M9D
2736 C78A573-9   Wa Ni A413 Av F8V,M9D
Nosafo 2739 E320213-6   De Lo Ni   300 Na G7IV
  2739 E320213-8   De Lo Ni   500 Na G7IV
Nanno 2740 D500456-9   Ni Va   524 Na M5V
2740 C500556-A   Ni Va   224 Na M5V
Urnian 2833 B9779AC-A N Hi In   513 Cs K3V
  2833 A97799A-C N Hi In   813 Cs K3V
Pylkah 2834 E463977-9   Hi   305 Na G4V
2834 C46395A-B   Hi   505 Cs G4V
Nato 2835 E795230-5   Lo Ni A100 Na F0V
  2835 C795334-9   Lo Ni A200 Na F0V
Okunpamsk 2836 C300201-9   Lo Ni Va   312 Na M1V,M1D
2836 C300313-A   Lo Ni Va   912 Cs M1V,M1D
Ipmokyng 2838 C739878-9       304 Na K0V
  2838 B739878-A       604 Cs K0V
Udika 2934 C659322-8   Lo Ni   905 Na F5V
2934 C659422-9   Lo Ni   605 Na F5V
Ovdyo 2935 C422425-C   Ni Po   815 Cs M1V
  2935 B422525-D N Ni Po   315 Cs M1V
Kutadis 2937 E668214-2   Lo Ni A124 Na G1V,M8D
2937 E668514-2   Lo Ni A224 Na G1V,M8D
Cinboshabo 2938 C422685-B S Na Ni Po   814 Cs M1V
  2938 B422785-C S Na Po   414 Cs M1V
Tenynti 2940 C130151-B   De Lo Ni   114 Na F3V
2940 C130251-C   De Lo Ni   314 Na F3V
Vapchy 3034 B847320-7   Lo Ni   304 Na F7V
  3034 B847420-8   Lo Ni   104 Na F7V
Gotylu 3035 E688699-2   Ag Ni Ri A924 Na G3V
3035 D688799-5   Ag Ri   324 Cs G3V
Novoterre 3037 C765877-5 S Ri R804 Cs F5V
  3037 B765977-8 N Hi A804 Cs F5V
Benoncra 3131 B628567-9 S Ni   203 Cs M5V,M8D
3131 B628667-A S Ni   103 Cs M5V,M8D
Lorapa 3134 C140864-6 S De Po   604 Cs M3V
  3134 C140864-8 S De Po   804 Cs M3V
Mainap 3135 E363400-5   Ni   813 Na F4V
3135 A363745-A S Ri Ag   113 Cs F4V
Shofrete 3232 X73A863-5   Wa R301 Cs G4III
  3232 X73A863-5   Wa R601 Cs G4III
Taupi 3236 E6A4447-4   Fl Ni A202 Na M6V
3236 E6A4447-6   Fl Ni A502 Na M6V
Ake 3238 D5356AA-8   Ni   121 Cs K6V
  3238 B5357AA-9       221 Cs K6V

J = Avalaran naval bases

Alligence Codes
Av: Avalar Consulate
Ac: Avalar Client State
Cs: Regency Client State
Mn: Mnemosyne Principality
Na: Non-Aligned.
Zc: Zhodani Consulate
Zn: Zhodani Client State

Urnian Subsector (1116): The total population in Urnian subsector is 11 billion. (5 billion at Urnian) The highest TL is C at Suspe and Ovdyo.

Urnian Subsector (1200): Population is 26 Billion. Highest TL is D, at Suspe and Ovdyo.

Urnian is the main "chokepoint" for the Gold Road. Since the warming in relations between the Regency and the Zhodani, good relations have also prevailed with the Avalar Consulate, permitting the flow of vital resources to the Regency, keeping inflationary pressure under control. It is interesting to note, however, that neither the Avalar Consulate, nor the Regency Quarantine forces in Five Sisters, stringently enforce the Quarantine Protocols along this interface.

Six worlds in the subsector are under Avalar Consulate control. Three of them are part of the defunct Kamrati League, an antebellum era socialist state annexed into the Consulate in the 1090s. The Consulate replicated the Regency's "clean slate" approach towards old disputed worlds: it annexed Lune and Capshobem in 1133 as part of its Quarantine. This aggressiveness nearly resulted in a shooting war with the Regency, but careful diplomacy prevented hostilities. It did have the effect of driving several non-aligned worlds into the protective umbrella of the Regency, including Plykah and Novoterre.

Because of their remoteness from the nearest of their worlds, Regency analysts originally predicted that the Avalars could not adequately resupply their occupation forces, forcing their abandonment of these worlds. When this did not occur, Regency intelligence investigated, and discovered that an Avalaran company had covertly taken over the starport on Lela (2634), allowing the Avalar military to safely ship supplies to their troops in the field. The Regency decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and has not forced the issue, but it has stepped up its surveillance of the Avalar-Approaches interface.

In the Antebellum (Fifth Frontier War) period, piracy was endemic. Most pirates were based in the rimward portion of the subsector, and took a heavy toll of shipping. In the post-Collapse period, this activity has declined in the face of increasing prosperity, and vigorous patrolling by the Regency 208th Fleet. Most "piracy" is now espionage and sabotage waged by local traders and associates of the Enterprise.

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