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by Lewis Roberts
Before the Collapse Enkidu was named Dono. It was owned by a council of five corporations. These weren't megacorporations, just small planetary companies. They were Westlake Industries, Mogon Technologies, Cynder Data Systems, United Power Systems, and Blenkindo Enterprises. Each corporation had its own territory, and used it to produce products for export throughout the subsector. The corporations were formed by residents of L'Streich, and it and its related worlds formed a large proporation of Dono's market. During fighting between the Solomani Confederation and Lucan's Imperium, the planet's infrastructure was damaged beyond repair. The five corporations banded togethor to evacuate the planet. Unfortunately, five million people was beyond the scope of anyone to evacuate, the corporations managed to get a mere thirty thousand to saftey, before the planet died.

The survivors fled to Hite (now known as Nike Nimbus), where they kept alive the dream of someday returning to their homes. The first generation of refugees died without fufilling their dream. Today their grandchildren are finally able to return home. The five corporations were able to stay intact on Hite, and on the founding of the Dawn League, began making plans to return home.

On 17-IV-1199 the first expatriarts returned home. They renamed the planet Enkidu, to symbolize the hope they felt for the future. Right now life is difficult; its not easy rebuilding a world, but by working together the residents will build a new future.

Starport: During the evacuation, the starport was shutdown in a gentle and orderly fashion. This prevented the system from being infected by Virus during the Collapse. Since the return of the emigrees, they have begun to reopen the starport. So far they have only opened up 5 of the levels.

The starport is built underground, the only surface feature is a staport office, where starship crews can pay for their berths and arrange for any service work. Ships are parked on cleared bedrock, surrounding the starport office. There is room for several hundred ships; afterall the collapse didn't really bother the parking lot. The starport is fairly informal; there hasn't been time for cumbersome regulations to spring up. The starport is staffed by personel from all 5 corporations. They wear a common uniform, with a patch identifing which corporation they work for. The starport is spartan and still very much under construction. Cables can be seen drapped here and there, as the work crews haven't had time to tidy up everything.

Level C of the starport is dedicated to entertaining visting ship crews, with hostels, two bars, and a holo-theater. The two bars are the Aces High, which also has a casino, and Stucker's. Stucker's is a fairly typical pub. It caters to starship crews, and has holos and emblems from dozens of ships. Stucker will put up the emblem from any RCES or RCN ship that comes calling. He'll put up other ships once the ship comes into port a few times. One one wall are all the ships that have gone missing or have been lost. It is fairly typical for toasts to be drunk to the "Fallen". Stucker's prides itself on offering the widest selection of spirits in the system. Stucker is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting liquors to serve. One of his mainstays is Rock Beer. Rock Beer is brewed locally and is a pale amber with a pleasant aftertaste. Each bottle of Rock beer has an actual rock from the surface of Enkidu in it. Some of the oldtimers at Stuckers try to convince newbies that the rock is the best part of the beer, and that it can be safely chewed. Every so often some naive and probably drunk neophyte falls for the gag.

Level D is dedicated to ship's services. These are the standard sort of business, of note is Daryl's Discount Starship Stuff. Daryl's is packed with all the accessories and supplies a starship could need; air lock fastners, hand tools, greases, gaskets, velour seat cushions, bumper stickers and almost anything else imaginable. Daryl keeps a small collection of general use spare parts on hand; he has to special order major parts. Special orders take 8-12 weeks to get to Enkidu. Everything is at steep discount. He has a machine which custom designs ship emblems and can transfer that emblem to jacket patches, dishes, seat cushions, etc. There is a 50 Cr setup fee to use the machine, and then a per item cost.

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