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by Patrice Lemire

In the last 2 years things have change quite for Teldora . After considerable give and take negotiations the planet as been admitted into the Coalition . Because of the world`s involvement on Spencer, Oriflamme was initially opposed to granting membership. It is also widely believe this initial reluctance had actually more do with the potential 23 votes (total world population at last census was 236.3 million) the world would bring to the Federalist bloc than anything else.

The deal involved a number of compromises from several quarters. The main compromise was the simultaneous granting of membership to Nex, a potentially Centrist world and recognition of its government as a feudal technocracy . For its part, Teldora agreed to suspend arms shipment to the Spencer resistance and to mediate both a cease-fire and establishment of a local provisional planetary government . With tension mounting on Oriflamme the technarchs were only too happy to bring their troops home. Teldora also had to give a little to the Federalist and agreed to slacken its rather restrictive legal system. Current law level is down to 10 and a number of proposals are under study which might lower it even further ( to 9 or even 8). Among the most controversial of these is the proposal allowing private firearm ownership.

Currently the only weapons available to civilian for hunting and recreation purposes are compound bows and crossbows. Not even the police carries firearm , they are outfitted with tranq spray dispensers and batons , if need be they do have access to a small arms locker at the police stations but again most of those are for use with non-lethal rounds .Anything requiring more firepower is left to the regular military or local militia units .

An other proposition under review pertain to the current mandatory 2 year military service for every citizens. Under the propose system , everyone would still be obligated to serve but would have the option of either a 2 year full time tour or six month of full time training and 4 years in the reserve .

Membership has also had some relatively immediate benefit to the worlds. The government was able to purchase the necessary maintenance equipment it needed to be able to reclassified the local starport to its pre-collapse rating of C . Its was also able to bring in the machine-tools and technical advisors needed to give local industry the final little boost to get back to tl-10 . They would have figured it out on they own, they already had TL-10 capability in some fields but would have needed a few more years in others.

At the moment the main concern is to bring in trade from other member worlds. The reclassification of the starport to C helps but more is needed. A reconditioned Bastien class subsidized liner as been purchase to make a regular run to Aubaine via Shenandoah and Lucifer and occasionally from Aubaine on to Trybec or Aurora. An other ship is under option for a run to Eos and Aurora via Oriflamme.

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