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by Patrice Lemire

Once the industrial capital of the Sarid/Oriflamme subsector L`steich`s population perished quickly during the Collapse leaving behind huge amount of tl-15 material. The world was later periodically visited by Free Traders. With the emergence of the Coalition salvage operation intensified mainly thanks to ships from Oriflamme . Still with a former population of 4.7 billion there is still plenty to recover.

While the admittance of Nex to the Coalition was still under debate Oriflamme lost no time and built a refueling station in the ruins of the old IISS scout base . The idea was to establish a stable jump-2 route between Nex and Oriflamme . But the idea was also to set up a permanent salvage base in order to more thoroughly explore and thus clean out the world of it best recoverable items and make sure Oriflamme got the best pickings.

The base has a population of 325 with facilities for an other 175. It operates as a class D facility thanks to a small pumping station and several restores storage tanks. There is a small hangar with a machine shop able to provide minor repair. Major repair parts can be brought in from the Bourgund Shipyard on Oriflamme and fitted by the on-staff technicians.

The port also sees traffic from ships heading to Poyzen .

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