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by Patrice Lemire

The belt is the former capital of the Sarid/Oriflamme subsector. Its 69 million Inhabitants spread among 100`s of habitat or various size . The system`s four gas giant and their moons where also used as homes. The disperse nature of the population has made it hard to recover much from this system . While the former tech level was not has high as L`steich, TL-13 goods are still quite attractive .

In a venture similar to that of Oriflamme on L`steich the Balduri government has built a small settlement in one of the old habitats in order to have a permenant salvage base and to service ships heading to its colony on Poysen via So Skire and Ehart thus extending the Nex jump-2 trade route by 3 worlds and 7 parsecs.

The base currently has a staff of 73 but the habitat once housed 7500 so there is plenty of room to accommodate new arrivals. The Balduri have brought in a SDB and a fleet of small craft to both defend and explore the system .

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