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UPP: D884549-5

by Lewis Roberts

The system is patrolled by the SDB Springbok, run by a group of starmercs known as Raglan's Raiders.

The starport is a Guild free port, weapons are prohibited, but other than that there are no trade regulations. Non-guild members are not allowed to use the repair or refueling facilities and are pressured to join the Guild. They are given a few trips to decide and if they still refuse to join the Guild they are forbidden to return.

Sauler Starport Cooperative is a front company for the Guild. They secured the starport for Guild use by giving the surrounding nations large numbers of offworld weapons. The Kingdom of Serritella is to the north, and Kaline Empire to the south.

The Starport Authority is housed in a large building dating back to the Second Imperium. Periodic slave Auctions are conducted at the starport by the Guild. Sauler acts as Guild headquarters for Thoezennt subsector. The port is growing in importance as the Guild realizes what a threat the Reformation Coalition poses and moves ships in to the area to oppose it.

References: Death of Wisdom

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