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by Lewis Roberts


The world is 30% water. There are three seas, in the very north we have the Yurnhayfuyald sea, in the western hemisphere is the Nutay Ocean, while in the eastern hemisphere is the Naysfanny Sea. To the west of the Nutay Ocean and on the equator was the city of Flaso which contained 500,000 people. Between the Nutay and Naysfanny water bodies and slightly south of the equator is the remains of the old Imperial scout base To the north of the Naysfanny Sea at about latitude 45 the old town of Rafta contained 100,000 people. There were southern mining camps to the far south of the old scout camp. These held about one million people. The star port was a few kilometers to the south of the city of Flaso.


The atmospheric taint is a high oxygen content. The system is a binary system of M1V and M8V. There are 2 planetoid belts and 1 gas giant.

Stellar mass= 0.489
Orbital distance = 0.2 AU.
Orbital period = 0.128 years = 45 days
Rotational period = 27 hours
Eccentricity = 0.025
Tilt = 45 degrees
Gravity = 0.45 g
Density = low
Mass = 0.13 earth mass
The planet has 3 satellites
Rings at 20,000 km
A small satellite ( 400 km) at 220,000 km
A large satellite (1600 km) at 200,000 km


Tiniyd is a broken up into 10 different nations. Seven of these are human nations, while the other three are home to the Droyne. The human nations are ruled by the descendants of a psionic resistance cell that took advantage of the Collapse to seize power. Once they had achieved power, they began to fight among themselves.

The human nations are quite xenophobic, both to human outworlders and the native droyne. Many of them have enslaved droyne, which have reverted to chirper status. Several times during the last seventy years one nation or the other has declared war on the Droyne, and attempted to wipe them out. The droyne have become distrustful of any humans and have retreated to their cities. The humans are also quite technophobic and distrust all high tech devices.

The Kingdom is the most technophobic of all the nations. The state religion of the Kingdom preaches that the use of any electrical device damns the offending user. The Kingdom tries to help the damned on their way to hell, by executing any offending individuals. This has caused the Kingdom to fall behind in technology and it has fallen to TL-4. The Kingdom rewards those who find and turn in technological devices, often granting them land or chirper slaves.

The Ilkahari is a group of fanatical guerillas fighters from the Kingdom of Light. They hate the Droyne and all other aliens with a passion. Their hate is so strong that they are willing to damn their souls, by using technology in their fight against the Droyne. They are lead by Commander Lars Telgon, a former Baron of the Kingdom. Like all nobles, he is a psion, in this case a healer. He has gathered two other nobles to his cause, Suza Lefla, a Knight of the Realm, and Cleon Arrington, another KOR. All three have renounced their titles and no longer use them.

The Kingdom of Light hunts the group, because of their use of techology. The group is also pursued by the Droyne for their many attacks on Droyne settlements, and installations. The Ilkahari are currently based out of an old Imperial scout base that Telgon found many years ago. They have restarted the base's fusion plant and scavanged about a dozen high tech rifles, and two suits of Scout Look-a-bout armor. The base also contains about 20 tons of TL-15 starship spare parts, which are of no use to the Ilkhari. Their other equipment is of local manufacture, including several APCs, jeeps, trucks, and one light tank. Their weapons include assualt rifles, SMGs, pistols, grenades explosives and several anti-aircraft missles. There are currently 300 members.

The Ilkahari believe that they are truly and irrevocably damned. They are quite willing to die for their cause, and are willing to do anything to accomplish their goal of exterminating the Droyne.


Commander Lars Telgon

77B87D-9-1 (Orignal social standing was higher, but he is now a wanted fugitive)
Slug Rifle: 4/11
Electronics: 2/9
Unarmed Martial Arts: 4/11 Damage 2
Persuasion: 5/18
Leadership: 6/19
Psionics Skills
Regeneration :5/14
Psionic Healing: 3/12
(He has more skills, but these were the only ones I have assigned him)

Telgon is the leader and founder of the Ilkhari. He is believes like all of his followers that their immortal souls are irrevocably damned, and that they will suffer everlasting torment in the afterlife. As such, he is not afraid to add to his crimes, after all he is guilty of the most heinous crime there is, what is a little murder. He is even willing to compromise, if in the end Droyne end up dead. Once you get beyond his xenophobia, he is actually quite a charming individual. He is able to take advantage of many years in court, to flatter and persuade people.

Telgon is a large hulking man, with striking features. He is completly bald. Most nobles of the Kingdom of Light, who are psions depilitate their scalps. He dresses in neatly tailored robes and vestments. He uses a 7mm ACR in combat. He has 400 rnds of HE ammo for it. He also wears a balistic weave suit in combat.

Suza Lefla

Slug Pistol: 6/10
Stealth: 5/9
Thrown Weapon: 4/8
Interogation: 3/9
Clairavoyence: 5/11

Suza is slightly mentally unbalanced, she is quite paranoid believing that most of the members of the Ilkahari are out to steal her brain and powers. She is kept in check by Telgon. She never leaves his side, sleeping in the same room as him. She is totally devoted to him, but their relationship has never been consumated. This is because Telgon realizes that this gives him a certain amount of control over Lefla, and he needs her for her abilites. She ususally carries two body pistols and several throwing stars. (Same stats as throwing knife) She is bald, with several green tatoos on her scalp.

Cleon Arrington

Slug Rifle: 4/13
Ground Tactics: 5/12
Stealth: 4/13
Teleport: 6/10
Telekenisis: 4/9

Cleon is very quiet individual. He feels no need to make small talk, and only says something if it essential. He is the tactical leader of the Ilkahari, creating most of their succesful plans. If he is not planning a mission he usually sits and reads from one of many religious texts put out by the Kingdom of Light. Cleon is a thin bald man.

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