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UPP: X525000-0

by Lewis Roberts

Before the Collapse Zoraith was a productive member of the Imperium, but Virus changed all that. Most people lived in one of the three cities, with a few scattered residents living in the outback. Power to the entire planet was generated at a massive geothermal plant near the capital. Virus infected the plant, and created a huge magma upwelling which destroyed the capital. The other two cities were bombed from orbit, by an infected light cruiser. Residents in the outback, were left without power, and hence without heat, light or communication. Most of them starved or froze to death in the next few days. A few managed to survive a few months before sucumbing to the elements. The planet is now a absent of human life.

The atmospheric taint comes from a bacterial life form. It is fairly lethal to humans. Before the collapse, there was a vaccination, which was effective 99% of the time. Because of the risk, the TAS granted the world a Amber zone.

References: Path of Tears

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