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UPP: X5568R7-6

by Lewis Roberts

Before the Collapse, Coaise was run by the Imperial Navy, as the subsector capital, and as a major Naval base. It was also the site of the sector military academy. Each year thousands of youths, came to the planet to become officers. The Naval base was the home of the 287th Fleet, and was charged with keeping out the Solomani. When Lucan ordered the Old Expanses fleets to Core Sector, they reluctantly went, leaving behind only a few reserve ships, and thousands of cadets.

Faced with the threat of advancing Solomani fleets, and not having any substantial defenses, the sector nobles, negotiated the annexation of the Old Expanses sector. The Imperial Naval Academy on Coaise was shutdown and its students sent home. The Solomani Navy, took over the remains of the Base, and converted it their own use.

Coaise has always had a large Chirper population. The Imperials had granted them a reservation on the smaller of the three continents. Here the Chirpers maintain a primitive TL-1 lifestyle. The Imperial government and several relief agencies, sponsored a few missions, to give the Chirpers medical treatment, and food assistance. After the Solomani this program was shutdown, not out of malign intent, but simply a bureaucratic snafu. The Chirper population began a slow descent, as life expectancies shortened, and food supplies shrank. The Chirpers have now stabilized at a population of 280 million.

When Virus came, it possessed the entire planet, and for two days, chaos reigned. Then suddenly it was over. A Virus strain had infected the Naval base's strategic simulation computer. It was a Hobbyist, and became interested in military strategy and tactics. It then began infecting the other virus strains and destroying them. It then made an announcement to the population claiming to be a human, who through force of will, and a secret Imperial weapon, had been able to cleanse the planet of evil.

The dazed and confused humans allowed the computer, who was now calling itself the Westlord, to set up a government run by it. The Westlord found a intact computer on the eastern continent and infected it with a duplicate copy of itself. This new version called itself the Eastlord. The Eastlord and the Westlord, have created a society based around the military. All able bodied citizens are required to serve in the military. The two Viruses pit their two armies against each other in staged battles. These battles happen every few months. The Viruses try out new strategies and tactics in these battles. Mostly they use TL-5 equipment, but every now and then, the Viruses will create a historical simulation. Recently they ran a battle, using ancient Vilani calvary units.

Most residents glory in the constant warfare. They feel that the wars, make them feel more human, and expands the human spirit. They would love, the West and East lords, and would put their own lives on the line, to protect them.

See also the Keepers of Order.

Rebellion Sourcebook
Path of Tears

Sytem Details

Physical Properties
  Gravity: 1.2
  Orbital Distance=5.2 AU       Orbital Period: 8.18 yrs
  Rotational Period: 21hrs      eccentricity=0.0

Extended System
Orbit    Name           UPP
 Primary  Prime         A4 V
  0      Derag          LGG
			6 satellites
  1                     Empty
  2      Ecrofl	        LGG
            5 satellites
  3      Xanth 	        LGG
            8 satellites
  4      Igo            SGG
            6 satellites
  5      Dust Ring      Planetoid Ring
  6      Coaise         X556867-6

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