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UPP: X45576D-6

by Lewis Roberts

A small world, 0.7 G, about the size of Mars. Its orbital period is 48 standard days. It has very violent weather due to a large axial tilt. It has a single small moon, diameter of 500 km, named Elojo.

The Church of Grace and Light is very strong across the entire planet. It arose on Mexit several thousand years ago. The faithful await the return of the Lord Defender. He returns when ever the planet is in a deep crisis. The faithful believe that Saint Kilalt will rise again to herald the return of the Defender.

Soledad is the captial of the planet. Emperor Brak was the local TED, who was overthrown with help from the RCES Hornet in the middle of 1202, a temporary government was put in power under the leadership of Cardinal Miranda Vazquez of the Church of Grace and Light.

Locals are afraid of nightjacks, mythical monsters which prey on those who wander into the wilderness. The locals ward themselves with blessed items. In actuallity the nightjacks are virus infected robots. Before the collapse Kilalt, a foreward looking priest had set up a depot of high technology to help bring back civilization. His assistant murdered him, and took his place.

While he was asleep in cold sleep, Virus infected the complex. The robots are not aware of the Virus, mearly that suddenly they became sentient. They assumed the Defender was responsible. The usurper planned on waiting till the planet was contacted by interstellar government, and then selling the weapons located in the depot. The depot is protected by several deep meson guns, and numerous robots. Graylord is the chief robot. He was originally a repository for legal and ecclesiastic lore.

Before the recent coup the Soledad army had 20 troopers in heavy battle dress, a dozen Pyrrhus grav sleds, five Astrin APCs, and two heavy TL-15 tanks.

References: To Dream of Chaos

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