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by Idiot/Savant

Like Berkin, Welch was subjected to nuclear bombardament during the Collapse, losing over 99% of its population to the bombs, radiation poisoning, disease and starvation during the subsequent nuclear winter. In the aftermath, the world followed the usual post-Collapse pattern, fragmenting into a seething nest of competing TEDs, most no more than bandits or local gangs.

In 1187 Welch was finally reunified under one ruler, however after a brief reign of four years he was assassinated, and one of his lieutenants, the self-styled Lord Gaskin, assumed control. He has maintained a firm grip on power ever since, and shows no sign of losing it anytime soon.

Welch Government Values:

Adventure ideas
Face it, this place is a dead loss. Gaskin isn't interested in allowing RCES bootstrap teams in to improve his people's standard of living, he isn't interested in negotiating long-term trade and technical assistance treaties, and he certainly isn't interested in stepping down in favour of a more representative form of government which will guide his people towards reintegrating into interstellar society. What little off-world trade he does allow is typicly for weapons, or luxury goods for him and his cronies - and few traders are willing to risk having their ship siezed or pay the rather steep tarrifs he imposes.

One long-term adventure here is to infiltrate onto Welch with the aim of setting up a pro-RC resistance movement which can then step into power when the RC topples Gaskin and his "army".

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