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by Eamon Watters

In the days before the Rebellion Janazzo made it's money supporting the Trade along the So Skire Main into Spica. It was run, benevolently enough, by the Janazzan Mercantile Association, and the money flowed in and everyone was happy. The Rebellion brought hard times, with Hiver Trade into the Expanses nearly non-existent the world fell into a depression. This was slightly ameliorated by the fact that the system was close to several hi-population worlds, such as Cobham. By the time the Virus came the world's Orbiting port was functional, but in need of repair, which was the one thing that saved it. When the Virus attempted to invade the station it found that all it's vectors were blocked, makeshift terminals were linked to the comms, and processed by humans, ships were not connected up to the local net when they docked because it had ceased to exist - worst of all the main computer had been taken off line and replaced by an amalgam of TL-8 processors incapable of sustaining sentience.

The Free Traders came early to Janazzo, and exchanged relic equipment for servicing at the orbital port, where the Droyne technicians worked wonders on drives that seemed fit for scrap. With this increase in trade, the importance of the Starport grew, and with little opposition the Starport Authority joined the ranks of the Mercantile Association. Over the 70 years to the New Era the Port grew, adding Fission reactors, hydroponic bays, repairing the damage the neglect of the Rebellion wrought. Now, in 1202 it is in better shape than it was in the mid 1200's.

The System's main exports are repaired relics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and processed ores from it's inner and outer belts. Traders from as far as Zephir in Dagir Subsector in Alpha Leonis, and Renj in Sitah Subsector voyage to Janazzo. Recently a few Hivers have visited, though after acting very odd they left - to the puzzlement of the natives. Ships from all over the subsector come for repairs, even from the xenophobic world of Schotz.

The world's defences are minimal, only the two SDBs based at the port, and it's own defences, consisting of particle accelerator and missiles bays and laser turrets are of note.

Baldur's colony on Poyzen has not come to their attention yet, but when it does they'll welcome trade and relations with it.

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