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by TravelrTNE
This is an alternative description of Schotz from Kyle Platte's version.

Schotz is a very xenophobic world, ruled by the "Grand Poobah," who united the balkanized world shortly after the Collapse. The Grand Poobah, who is a remnant, still rules, at the extreme old age of 138. Though he makes very rare appearances, he has encouraged an elaborate series of public and private rituals for the selection and administration of his government. It's suspected by the RCES contact teams that he makes heavy use of anagathics.

Prior to 1203, the pronounced xenophobia of Schotz resulted in effectively zero contact with the outside galaxy. The Free Trader Network and the Mercantile Guild have both been rebuffed by attacks upon ships attempting contact on landing on the mainworld. Attacks are always preceded by ONE clear warning by radio broadcast. No other communications are accepted.

The first Dawn League contact missions were rebuffed with a terse warning to move in no closer to the mainworld, or there would be an attack, with no further warnings. With the establishment of the Reformation Coalition, it was feared that Schotz might be under the dictatorship of a TED, or worse, Virus, so a series of stardust and moonshadow missions were authorized. The information gained paved the way for the contact missions that were undertaken in early 1203. The missions were outstandingly successful, and though Schotz remains very xenophobic, resulted in the establishment of a Hiver temporary base near the outermost of the 2 gas giants in the system. Consequently, this led to the establishment of a regular J-3 trade route connecting the Reformation Coalition with the Hiver "Stepping-Stone" Client State of Sitah.

Entry into the inner system is still restricted, by agreement of the Reformation Coalition Assembly and the Hive Federation representatives. Registered Reformation Coalition vessels are prohibited from entry into the system beyond the Hiver Temporary Base, as the base will notify any ship attempting to do such, though no actions will be taken by the Hivers to prevent such.

The Following Information is for the Referee Only

Government Data

Schotz was the site of a Psionic Institute in the days of the Last Imperium. The Grand Poobah was an extrodinarily gifted psionic and organized the various psionic cells to maintain order during the chaotic period of the Collapse. The "elaborate rituals" are various methods of displaying psionic ability (the private ones) and nonsense (the public ones), but the whole thing is effectively turning into a genuine religion.

The Grand Poobah actually died in late 1193, not long after a Hiver delegation came, attempting recontact. The Grand Vizier feared that chaos would reappear and only reinforced the existing xenophobia to unprecedented heights, out of fear of the discovery and relavation of the truth. He has kept the Grand Poobah in a low berth and has arranged the body in a seemingly ceremonial way and had a small speaker connected near the head of the Grand Poobah. A microphone line leads from the back of the "Altar of the Grand Poobah" to the Grand Viziers personal meditation chamber, where he issues the occassional proclamation to "renounce the sins of my generation's past." The glass is just murky enough to make it very difficult to spot the truth, even when in the chambers of the Grand Poobah (which itself is a massive cathedralesque building). The Grand Vizier is (or rather was) the sole attendant to the Grand Poobah.

Corruption: Low
Talent: Moderate
Cruelty: Low
Aggression: Moderate
Paranoia/Xenophobia: High

Special Notes for Schotz

Starport personnel have recently discovered various processes (electrolysis amongst others) for refining fuel, though they still have no method of spaceship construction.

The Grand Poohbah remains very popular and the cult that has risen around him has only been endorsed by the Grand Vizier. It's thought he'll declare it the state religion soon.

The Grand Vizier has recently went through several bouts of illness and though recovered, has begun fearing his own death and the subsequent chaos that he fears will engulf the planet. He has almost depleted the Grand Poobah's supply of anagathics and is desperate for more. He has decided to endorse a *very* limited contact with the Hivers, by allowing them to establish a temporary base and trade route stop at the outermost of the gas giants. The SDB is occassionally staffed entirely by the "Poobah Protectors" and pays a visit to the Hiver Temp Base, where they've made a formal request for a clandestine acquisition of anagathics. The Hivers have agreed to the request, though they don't the true reason, and to keep it off the records, are looking into hiring freelancers (from either the Reformation Coalition or the Free Trader Network) to ferry and/or acquire sources of anagathics.

Armed Forces of Schotz

Total Personnel: 25,000

Wet Navy: 1,500

Air Force: 2,500 Space Force: 375 Ground Force: 20,625

Creator's Note

Here's a PoT style writeup I've done for Schotz. The Hiver trade route will formalized in 1203 after Schotz agrees to allow a Hiver Temporary Base in the outer system. Thus, the old data isn't voided. As explempifies the New Era, the galaxy and life rolls on.

I figuring the scout base has some permanent defenses, some laser satellite type things... maybe even a fixed particle accelerator.

The Space Force isn't normally allowable (as Schotz pre-collapse TL was 5, too... they just lost 190,000,000 people since 1119) but I'm doing an exception.

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