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by Eamon Waters

During the collapse and the turmoil that followed it's unpopular dictator Heri Smales was killed, and the apparatus of government torn down. Anarchy ruled for years, except on the island of Krenna, where the former Imperial Scout Base was located. This base escaped the worst effects of the collapse, and had been quite large, dealing with demographic and technological matters in the subsector and adjacent subsectors in the Hinterworlds, which required some covert work.

With civilisation falling in pieces around her, Braw-app-uh-arr, the Newt administrator of the base decided that it was best to retrench, and allow the tree of wisdom to grow from the Base, through the island, and eventually to cover the planet. With the help of the members of the Covert Survey teams she 'camouflaged' the base from orbital survey, and recovered what technical equipment she could from the ruins on the mainland.

By 1145, the tech level of Voskl was about 6, with petty warlords fighting their wars over the face of the planet. Krenna's Tech Level had stabilised at 9, and was aggressively defending it's territory.

An attempted invasion in 1153 by an alliance of warlords called 'The Rule of Might' was quickly contained, and wiped out with the advanced equipment available to the Scout Base. Braw-app-uh-arr's successor, Altrina Derin launched a covert war against the alliance, striking only at the Hierarchy of the Alliance, and the states therein. This 'Decapitation' policy led to the states of Gordon's Kingdom, Rule of Order, and Franzen's Reach falling, to be replaced by governments allied to Krenna. One of these, 'The Gernan People's Polity' started expanding aggressively into the regions still controlled by the warlords, and in 1159 was the target of a pre-emptive nuclear strike by The Rule of Might.

Krenna's response was fast and furious, striking almost all of the Warlords' important military facilities. The covert response took longer, but on 213-1160, Scout teams kidnapped most of the Warlords in furious assaults on their strongholds. Three days later their trials started for Crimes against Civilisation, whilst their realms were being steered from chaos by Scout political teams. The verdict was, as expected, guilty. Derin sentenced them to be 'judged' by the people of Gernan. Those that lived after their judgement did not live well.

By 1164, the world was almost exclusively under the control of governments allied to Krenna, and it started to meld them into provinces under it's overall control. In a way, the nuking of Gernan was a blessing in disguise, for it was so thankful for the aid the Scout's provided in it's reconstruction that it's people were willing to enter into any agreement with them, no matter what their government really wanted to do.

At the end of the 1180's the world was now one, under the beneficent rule of the Scouts. The tech level of the planet as a whole was 9, and what TL-A equipment could be salvaged was recovered. The Scouts realised that more was needed. They had the ability to repair and maintain much higher tech equipment with the facilities at it's base and the records of its Technical Assessment Centre, but to obtain such equipment it would need to expand out from the system and find trading partners.

By 1193 it had refurbished the starport and all the ships it could on the planet, and Scout teams headed out into the subsector. They found a lot of worlds in the grasp of Technical Warlords, much like those who had been defeated on their homeworld. Five planets on the Acrolund - Voskl Main showed potential, and were asked to join a trade alliance led by Voskl, all agreed, eager to obtain Voskl's hi-tech equipment. By 1197 it had contacted five other worlds that it could trade profitably with, and the current Voskl Trade Alliance was completed.

Most of the Trade in the alliance is performed by two 'Spiderweb' Large Jumpframes, and one 'Grappler' Small Jumpframe. All are owned by Voskl.

Her Navy consists of 2 Chrysanthemum Destroyer Escorts, 2 Valor Missile Corvettes, 11 Fiery Close Escorts, 2 Broadsword Mercenary Cruisers, 5 Shukugan SDBs, 2 Patrol Cruisers and 3 Scout/Couriers. The Scout/Couriers are in the process of being transferred to the Alliance Scout Service, recently set up in 1201. The Scout Service already has 5 ex-Navy Scout/Couriers, as well as 3 ex-Navy Donosev Survey Ships.

Currently Voskl had managed to raise the TL of Krenna to B using equipment scavenged from Malcan, Rusco and Horejis. The spaceport is now capable of handling the annual maintenance of Starships as easily as a 'B' class facility, and the Scout Base is now turning out 'Torch' Space Fighters at the rate of 2 a month. Voskl is very close to upgrading the Starport to 'B' standard. How good this facility will be will depend on what relics can be found to upgrade it.

There is a controversy at the minute over plans to refit the Scout Cruiser Shadow, the Scout Advisory Council want it operational to investigate the Free Trader rumours of an Empire at the rimward end of the Expanses, but Merchants fear that it will divert resources from the vital Jumpframes.

Armed Forces

Total personnel: 2,250,000.
Voskl Sea Force: 67,500 people, 23 Major Combatants, 66 Minor Combatants.
Voskl Air Force: 675,000 people, 3025 a/c, 350 SAD
Voskl Navy: 13,500 people, 27 minor combatants.
Voskl Army: 1,494,000 people, 74 Divisions, 7 Battalions.

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