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by Eamon Watters

Previously a High Stellar balkanised world, it was unified after many years of fighting by a Warlord who set up a World Council. This Warlord, Gerraint Denran, took a less interventionist role as the years went by, and eventually had himself proclaimed Monarch of Dycarl. The Bureaucracy was left to rule Dycarl for it's people, with the Monarch only intervening in occasional matters. A corruption scandal in 1178 led to the new Monarch, Jereela Denran, setting up an independent overview agency, and since then things have been running more-or-less smoothly. The offer to join the VTA was embraced with vigour, and currently it's TL is expected to reach 9 in 1202. Voskl has also provided the technical expertise to reactivate Dycarl's Starships, and it is the only other system in the VTA to have a Jump-capable Space Force.

The ships of the Royal Space Navy are 2 Shukugan SDBs, 1 Fiery Close Escort, 2 armed Beowulf Free Traders, 1 armed Petty Subsidised Merchant and 1 armed Far Trader.

The Air Force controls two relic Deep Mount Meson Guns, which ensure the safety of the planet more than the Space Navy, which wishes to gain control of them.

Dycarl's merchant fleet is slightly smaller in comparison to Voskls, but for a world it's size is very respectable.

Population : 72,670,000. Ruled by Her Supreme Eminence's Government.

Armed Forces

Royal Maritime Force: 14,000 people, 28 Minor Combatants.
Royal Air Force: 52,500 people, 200 a/c. 62 SAD.
Royal Space Navy: 2,725 people, 3 Combatants, 4 Armed Merchants.
Royal Army: 105,875 people, 5 Divisions, 3 Battalions.
Total personnel: 175,000.

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