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by Eamon Watters

This world, famed for it's Grendakin meat animals was bypassed at the start of the rebellion. The Solomani decided to use it to launch commerce raids into the heart of Margaret's domain. It was easy to hide in the large asteroid belts that encircled the primary, and the mainworld was the only easy source of fuel. The Solomani operated from the outer belt, Chanly. Their cover was that they were an independent Belt exploitation company, Gravelgold, based out of Horejis. Using their cover, they could obtain repairs, supplies, and parts from Daslon - all whilst launching attacks coreward. One of Margaret's task forces tracked the Solomani to the system, and after forcing them to jump outsystem, placed Daslon under military control. Commerce started to fade when nearly every ship entering the system was subject to search and seizure. The Belter's found the bureaucratic mess that was Navy rule interfered with their operations, and most relocated or closed down.

Just prior to the collapse Daslon's Tech Level had fallen to 8, and was sure to fall farther, as the navy dismantled it's traditional caste structure - without putting anything well thought-out in it's place. The Virus utterly destroyed it's port - both orbital and dirtside - though the latter was just a shadow of it's former self. After years of just eking a living off the land, the former landholder caste took control of the planet and started to regulate things again. Vampire attacks were minimal, due to the lack of Gas Giants, and the planet stabilised at TL-7 in 1184. When the Voskl diplomats suggested a Trade alliance, the landholders were wary at first, but with the assurance of independence from Voskl, they signed up in 1196. Several corporations from Voskl and Dycarl have been mining and surveying the belts, not only for valuable minerals - but also for the remains of the Belt infrastructure. Many Belt stations were mothballed when their former owners left, an intact TL-13 station would be a valuable find for the alliance. Various Droyne missions from Rusco have visited the world since joining the alliance, and there are reports of a general increase in the intelligence of the Chirpers, who are used for menial labour.

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