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by Eamon Watters

This System was under the loose control of the 'Expanses-Gateway Exploitation Corporation' (E-GEC) in Pre-Virus times. The corporation had started as the 'Horejean Resource Corporation', backed strongly by the Duke of Galiano. It made several major finds of Lanthanum in the inner belt of the system, and with this income sold 'land grants' to other corporations for mining the system, it deriving a substantial income from these. Gravelgold, the Solomani cover corporation operated out of here, but it was kept in the dark as to the secret backers of E-GEC, SolSec. The corporation served several purposes for them - money laundering, agent cover, but it's most important function was for project 'WeatherFront'. This was a long term project dealing with the infiltration and manipulation of governments in the extra-imperial Gateway Domain. The purpose was to give the Imperium several areas of unrest to concentrate on, splitting it's military resources. With the coming of the rebellion the plan was frozen, as the imperials were doing SolSec's job for them. E-GEC kept it's cover intact, but was only used for SolSec operations, no Solomani Naval Ships operated out of it. The Gravelgold incident brought a lot of attention to Horejis, but with over 50 corporations operating out of the system there was no link made to E-GEC. Hard times led to a scaling down of operations in the system, but with it's funding assured the corporation stayed. By 1130 most of it was mothballed, awaiting the economic upturn that would accompany the peace between the Confederation, Margaret, and Dalbei - all the came was the Collapse.

The orbital starport was destroyed, and significant damage was done to most surface assets. The population were largely uninjured, but left on a hospitable, but undeveloped world. The company took charge almost immediately, organising the population into work groups, clearing land, planting crops, and recovering whatever equipment they could. At this time they also started to utilised Chirper labour, and treated them relatively well, as their numbers were lower than their own, and so not easily replaceable. When contacted by Voskl the company was initially wary, fearing invasion. Wise council advised for the alliance, as Horejis had everything to gain from it. The company agreed to let Voskl exploit the resources of the system, and retrieve relic equipment as long as investment was made in the system. So far only the starport has been constructed, and this is operating at a low level. The upgrade to 'D' class should be completed soon, this being held up by the construction of an air base for a squadron of Voskl Orbital Interceptors to defend the planet.

The Droyne of Rusco have taken an interest in the Chirpers of the world, and there is an oyntrip there studying them and their situation.

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