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by Franklin W. Cain

One of the things I noticed about the worlds detailed in _Path_of_Tears_ and _Smash_and_Grab_ is that *all* of them are "one world" systems. *None* of these worlds are in a multi-world system (such as Regina, which has several habitable worlds, all of which orbit the gas giant that is in the system's "habitable zone").

I thought it would be interesting to have a balkanized world/system in the Wilds. I especially liked the idea of running such a system as the campaign, with the players being TEDs! :-) To keep things managable, I selected a world with a moderately small population (UWP Pop Code 5), so that the PCs would have armies with 100-300 soldiers.

The world I chose was Tama (2134/So Skire/Old Expanses).

This world/system is relatively close to the RC (and to the RC-contacted worlds So Skire and Poyzen), yet not so close as to quickly fall under the RC's influence.

While determining the details for the "expanded system generation," I deliberately placed the gas giant in the system's habitable zone. (In my experience as a GM, I've had this happen randomly/naturally about 20-30% of the time.) I was planning to deliberately change the rolled values for an additional 2 or 3 satellites (so as to have 3 or 4 habitable worlds, total), but by shear luck of the dice, I got 3 habitable worlds (with *completely* breathable atmospheres at that; no "tainted" atmospheres in the lot!) without "fudging" the dice rolls.

I decided that "Tama" sounded "sorta-Japanese," so the stars, other planets, and continents were likewise given names that were "sorta-Japanese" (with an occasional "sorta-Chinese-or-Korean" thrown in :-).

With the mainworld having a Hydrographics of 70%, I decided that each nation-state on Tama would occupy an entire continent of its own. (The other three worlds were not balkanized.)

Expanded System Details

Orbit# Name UWP (1117) UWP (1200)
Primary Boka F3 V 
0 Tejo HS00120-8 Lo Ni Va p:8 YS00000-0 Ba Va
1 --- YS00000-0 Ba Va YS00000-0 Ba Va
2 Polai G000301-8 As Lo Ni p:5 Y000000-0 As Ba
3 Poleng G000302-8 As Lo No p:6 Y000000-0 As Ba
4* Paka Large GG (UWP Size 90) 
--- YR00000-0 (ring system) 
Taishi GS00214-8 Lo Ni Va p:4 YS00000-0 Ba Va
Doju F454424-8 Ni Fa p:8 H454468-6 Ni Fa p:5
Mako F556400-8 Ni Fa p:8 H556442-6 Ni Fa p:5
Daja H210113-8 Lo Ni Va p:7 Y210000-0 Ba Va
Tama A867502-9 Ag Ni p:9 C867556-7 Ag Ni (B) p:4
--- YS00000-0 Ba Va 
Gozo F689423-8 Ni p:7 G68946B-7 p:4
9 Suka M4 D Companion (see below) 

Orbit# Name UWP (1117) UWP (1200)
(Comp.) Suka M4 D  
0 --- YS00000-0 Ba Va YS00000-0 Ba Va
1 --- YS00000-0 Ba Va YS00000-0 Ba Va
2 --- YS00000-0 Ba Va YS00000-0 Ba Va
3 --- Y200000-0 Ba Va Y200000-0 Ba Va
--- YS00000-0 Ba Va YS00000-0 Ba Va
4 --- Y300000-0 Ba Va Y300000-0 Ba Va
--- YR00000-0 (ring system) 
--- YR00000-0 (ring system) 

Notes: "(B)" -- Balkanized.
"Fa" -- Farming world.
"p:#" -- "#" is the population multiplier (usually part of "TPPG").

Physical Data - Paka: 90,000 miles (144,000 km) diameter
Density (K) = 0.34 (Terra = 1)
Mass (M) = 484 (Terra = 1)

Physical Data - Tama:
8,000 miles (12,800 km) diameter
72% hydrographics (28% land = 140 hexes total):
3 major continents (Isoku: 51 hexes; Teshima: 27 hexes; Asabi: 22 hexes)
5 minor continents (Fijiko: 11 hexes; Kaipengdo: 9 hexes; Mushimi: 6 hexes; Xoulengdo: 5 hexes; Edozai: 4 hexes)
2 major islands (1 hex each)
6 archipelagoes (1/2 hex each)

Physical Data - Doju:
4,000 miles (6,400 km) diameter
38% hydrographics (38% water = 190 hexes total)

Physical Data - Mako:
5,000 miles (8,000 km) diameter
64% hydrographics (36% land = 180 hexes total)

Physical Data - Gozo:
6,000 miles (9,600 km) diameter
89% hydrographcs (11% land = 55 hexes total)


(pop.; gov't.; tech level; star/spaceport)

Nations of Tama
1. People's Republic of Isoku: 130,000; 5-CO; TL-6; SP-H(E)
2. Union of Teshima: 60,000; 6-TED; TL-7; SP-H(E)
3. Protectorate of Asabi: 60,000; 6-TED; TL-7; SP-G(D)
4. (Fijiko): 30,000; 4-CD; TL-7; SP-G(D)
5. (Kaipengdo): 30,000; 6-TED; TL-7; SP-C
6. (Mushimi): 30,000; 4-CD; TL-7; SP-C
7. (Xoulengdo): 30,000; 6-TED; TL-7; SP-C
8. (Edozai): 30,000; 6-TED; TL-7; SP-C

Doju: 50,000; 6-TED; TL-6; SP-H(E)

Mako: 50,000; 4-CD; TL-6; SP-H(E)

Gozo: 40,000; 6-TED; TL-7; SP-G(D)

(Reminder: Gov4 = Chr. Olig.; Gov5 = Chr. Dict.)

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