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by Patrice Lemire

A low population world even before the Colapse Ehart was merely the central transfer point for ore mined in the surrounding belt . Its location in orbit around the larger of two gas giant, near the belts trailing Trojan point made it ideal for the purpose. The port staff numbered 17, this was later increase to 26 by a shuttle full of belters that manage to land their craft before the computer self-destructed.

Over the years the population dwindle-down to a single family of 5 ( 2 adults and 3 kid in their mid to late teen ). They survived by tending several gardens and a menagerie of livestock traded to passing ship in exchange of fuel and fresh fruit.

When the Balduri survey team landed the planet was in crisis. The children seeing no future where intent on leaving as soon as they were old enough. The parents did not want to lose "their" starport. The captain of the survey ship quickly found a solution to the problem. Baldur was looking to set up a fuel station for ships heading to it colony in the neighbouring Poyzen star system. Edart`s port had been left intact by the collapse and had only degraded to D because of a lack of staff rather than damage.

So the captain offered the Wilson family Balduri (and by default Coalition) citizenship along with the title of Port Master to the elder Wilson with attached benefits. In return, the port would be turned over to a Balduri staff and the kids would be provided with an education in the RC and a right to settle on any member world.

Almost overnight the global population went from 5 to 84 with the landing of a Balduri army platoon along with new staff for the port and their dependants.Aside from the army platoon the only defences are an early warning satellite in orbit and a pair of AD batteries.

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