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by Lewis Roberts

Aneth was the second target of Montero's crusades. In 1162 a battle tender and its associated riders jumped into the system. At the time Aneth was balkanized and divided into a dozen different principalities and provinces. These nations grow out of the chaos of the Collapse. Before the Collapse, Aneth had no government and the people were unified in their desire for no government interference.

There was perpetual low-intensity war between these nations. Monteron diplomats contacted several of the leaders. A few of the leaders wanted nothing to do with the outworlders, and refused to have any further contact with Montero. Two others allowed Montero to establish an embassy and send out missionaries in exchange for technical assistance. The Duchy of Dwight was intrigued by Montero and its Word of God, and established an embassy and installed a priest at the Duchess's court as a spiritual advisor.

Several years went by, and while relations were good, none of the nations seemed to embrace the Word of God. There was a great deal of debate whether Montero should keep up the slow persuasion or do something more drastic, such as an invasion. No decision was made and the situation continued until 1171, when a missionary priest sent word that she had converted the People of the Wind. The People of the Wind were a nomadic culture where life centered around their horses. They lived on the western steppes of the major continent. They had been a distinct ethnic group before the Rebellion and had always shunned high-technology as being impure. For the most part the rest of Aneth ignored them and regarded them as quaint anachronistic boobs. It was quite ironic that now the rest of Aneth was actually less advanced than the People of the Wind.

Once they had been converted the People of the Wind realized that it was their destiny to unite Aneth under the Word of God. The nomads swept down upon the nearest cities and quickly conquered them. At first they made large territorial gains from the surprised provinces, but the opposition soon became better organized and losses started to mount up.

The Monterons decided to supply the People of the Wind with TL-9 weapons and advisors. Montero sent small arms and squad support weapons. They also sent in specialized troops such as artillery and airborne assets. With this backing the People of the Wind were able to conquer the entire planet within 7 years. They instituted strict religious law and destroyed all religious organization other than the Word of God. Schools were put under control of the Word. While officially there are strict laws on the books, it is impossible to administer these laws at TL-3 and the actual enforced law level is fairly moderate.

More and more of Montero's resources were being used to deal with the Kestral Heresy, and it was not able to provide additional technical assistance to Aneth. This is fine with the People of the Wind, as they are content with their current technological level. Montero sends ships to Aneth several times a year to continue the relationship and to make sure no heresies have developed here. Scholars and priests are exchanged.

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