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by Lewis Roberts

Originally Surren was controlled by Interstellar Arms as munitions testing grounds, training facility and manufacturing site. When the Confederation swept through the subsector, the planet was turned over to Luthgin Defense Systems for much the same purpose. Luthgin was a defense contractor out of Fairday - Mackenzie - Alpha Crucis, it was given the world in exchange for military support Fairday provided the Confederation. For the employees of Interstellar Arms, not much changed except who signed their pay check.

The planet's executives received enough notice of the Collapse to know that interstellar commerce was not going to restart soon. Rather than maintaining the fiction that they were still subordinate to an offworld company, the managerial staff decided to reorganize the company into a true government. In reality nothing really changed, the existing company bureaucracy simply became the new government bureaucracy. The Director of Operations became the Premier.

Unfortunately the local technology was greatly dependent on outside parts, and the technological infrastructure soon began to decline. As global communication became more difficult, local divisions soon began to ignore the central government. Eventually several of the local divisions declared their independence. The central government attempted to quell these rebellions with military force, but fighting against several divisions was too much for the military. This military impotence emboldened additional divisions to declare their independence, which further weakened the central government. Today the situation is not much different. The planet has broken up into 12 different nations. There are almost continuos low-intensity conflicts between most of these states, with occasional full intensity wars being waged.

The remnants of the central government still control the starport, though it barely deserves that name. There are several landing pads, which are kept well maintained, and there is a ready supply of water for use as unrefined fuel. There is a warehouse with a few spare parts, but none of the locals knows anything about starship repair. The starport is located adjacent to the harbor, so there are numerous taverns, inns and other industries catering to visiting ship crews. The starport gets about one ship every month or so. The world is a good market for higher tech weapons. One free trader has recently taken to purchasing TL-8 weapons on Miisha selling them on Clarke/So Skire in exchange for TL-6 weapons, which are then traded to Salinos/So Skire for TL-5 weapons which are then sold to Surren. At each stage in addition to the older weapons the trader also takes finished goods.

Surren was contacted by agents from Miisha, who were interested in opening up diplomatic ties, but the locals were only interested in making alliances with Miisha in return for military support. They are too tied up with their petty local wars to become part of the interstellar community. Miisha and the other members of the Sitah area, have resolved to leave Surren to its own devices until it changes its attitudes.

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