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by Lewis Roberts

Before the Collapse, Roth was a pleasure planet that was rented out to the superwealthy. It was available to those individuals who wanted to avoid any possible interference or violations of their privacy. There were several superb mansions situated around the globe in different climates. Each mansion had a staff of dozens of servants waiting to serve. Roth was outside of the Imperium, and hence outside of its law. This allowed for entertainment that was not available in the Imperium. The most persistent rumor was that psionics were used to stimulate the pleasure zones. The planet was also occasionally used for meetings between parties who did not want any record of their meeting to exist. Supposedly several meetings between liberal Solomani and reform minded Imperials took place, but sadly no evidence exists.

Once the Solomani invaded, the planet was no longer available for rent. The Solomani Navy investigated the planet, after finding no population, set aside the planet for later colonization. As such the planet was totally untouched by Virus. In 1184, after contacting Cassiopia and several of the other worlds in this subsector, the Hive Federation decided to setup several bases across the subsector to make trade and travel easier. Galaxy Express Trading of Cassiopia won a support contract for the base.

In 1192, the Cassiopia Board of Directors declared Starways Factors to be the winner of the trading monopoly contest, and it took over the operations of the losers. This included Galaxy Express Trading. Since then Starways Factors have supported the base and all its operations. To make a break with the past and to emulate the homeworld, they changed the name of the planet to Darinov. They provide labor, run the fuel refining systems, and operate hydroculture station to provide food to the visiting crews. They have also started to provide a few mechanics and technicians to work on the starships themselves. They would do more, but there are a limited number of graduates from the Hiver Technical Academy. The Hivers find this to be a win-win situation. They do not have to station personnel far from their homes in the Federation, and the humans are gaining needed technical expertise. They also meet and learn to deal with the dozens of Federation species that come through the base. This further lessens the chance of xenophobia increasing. In return for their services the Federation trades high-tech goods to Starways. There is not always an immediate use for these products on Cassiopia, so often they are forced trade these to the other members of the Sitah. This too helps increase the ties between these worlds.

Many of the workers at the base have started to bring their families and there is a small but growing colony on the planet.

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