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by Lewis Roberts

The situation on Zolibe is much the same as on Darinov. This was the last of the Hiver Staging bases created in the subsector. It was only finished in 1186 to support the push deeper into the sector. Pleased with the work that Galaxy Express Trading was doing on their Darinov base, they were also offered the contract for this base. With two lucrative contracts with the Hivers, Galaxy Express was well on their way to winning Monopoly status, or so they thought. In fact the second contract spread them too thin, and to support the contract they were forced to lessen their efforts on Cassiopia. This allowed Starways Factoring to expand and eventually win Monopoly Status.

The base is located on the sole moon of the first gas giant in the system. Fuel is skimmed from the gas giant and refined on the moon's surface. Other chemicals are also skimmed and refined. Currently this is a small experimental business and the products are mainly for internal use, but if things continue to go well the effort will be expanded for export. Zolibe is not as inviting a planet as Darinov, so far fewer families have immigrated.

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