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An Cizow


by Lewis Roberts

An Cizow was a Solomani colony. Since before the Rim War, it was engaged in bioengineering human specimens. Most human genetic engineering programs were used to adapt humans to new environments, for example the Jonkereen and the Mermani. instead the An Cizow project was trying to change the psychological makeup of humans. It was trying to create humans with a totally different way of thinking; these new humans would think non-linearly. By changing their way of examining the universe, they would be able to solve problems where traditional humans were stumped. They would be able to see patterns where no patterns exist. The program was called Project Minotaur: the Minotaur was able to easily navigate a complex maze that confused normal humans. The subjects became known as Minotaurs.

During the Solomani Rim War, several of the more promising Minotaurs were assigned to the Confederation navy during the conflict and were able to suggest several radical, yet successful strategies. During the Rebellion, Minotaurs were again assigned to the military. The first part of the war passed uneventfully as Solomani forces moved deep into Imperial territory; in 1124, several deep penetration raids made it to An Cizow. Worried that the program might be destroyed, the Confederation moved the project and all ten thousand test subjects to Syrim, which has since been renamed Renj. Syrim had a bigger population and much stronger planetary defenses. It technological base would also be a boon to the project. The project was installed in an older arcology. The few inhabitants of the arcology were relocated to more modern quarters. The project continued until the Collapse.

An Cizow fared poorly in the Collapse and all of the inhabitants were killed within weeks of the Virus reaching the system. Today the various habitats and mining stations are open to vacuum and mostly destroyed. Virus has left thousands of eggs scattered throughout the system, waiting for unsuspecting organics.

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