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by Lewis Roberts

A group of professional scavengers from Renj have set up shop at the abandoned starport. They have refurbished parts of the starport, just enough to call it a starport. They scavenge a large amount of equipment from the starport and also from the capital cities historical sites. Not many traders come this way, but they do get the occasional J-2 ship coming through on their way to the trio of worlds to spinward: Lemos, Sontar and Vleeman. These three dead worlds all had populations in excess of one billion, and are fertile grounds for scavenging. Lemos and Sontar have insidious atmospheres on their primary worlds, but the secondary settlements on the various outer moons and planets are still fairly intact. Vleeman had 90 billion inhabitants scattered through the asteroid belt, and many of these settlements still have useful equipment.

The scavengers are all friends from college on Renj and they decide to come here after college. They are fairly idealistic and are genuinely trying to help improve life back on Renj. They have set up rooms at the abandoned luxury hotel at the starport. They have a communal kitchen and have dinner together every night. Visitors are welcome to join them. They each take turns helping on the small garden/farm that's setup in a large inflated tent.

Quell is quite beautiful, if you ignore the fact that's its a frozen ball of ice. For most of the year, almost the entire planet is covered in frozen carbon dioxide and water vapor. During the summer much of this evaporates, in autumn and winter blizzards deposit this back as snow.

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