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by Lewis Roberts

The Baron Enri Von Zoquet was a minor noble on Renj, when the Solomani invaded. Fearing for his life and the lives of his family, he and many of his followers entered low berth. The low berth capsules were hidden away in the family crypts. They felt that the Solomani would stay for a few years, but would eventually be pushed back by Imperial forces. Several retainers were charged with the decision when to bring back the Baron. They perished during the Collapse, and the Baron slept on. In 1192, historians investigating the family crypts stumbled upon the cryogenic chambers. After summoning medical personnel, the Baron and his followers were revived. At first the Baron tried to assert his authority, but the people of Renj, no longer followed Imperial nobles. After a few years of trying to fit in with this new society, the Baron decided to emigrate. He took advantage of the Colonization and Emigration Act, which provided funds for those trying to set up new colonies. He and 500 followers departed for the former world of Stad. Since then several other remnants have immigrated.

The planet is run much along the lines of old Imperial society. The Baron sets policy and others implement it. The Baron has three daughters and his two sons. Their mother did not survive cold sleep. The eldest daughter, Methila is the heir. The Baron delegates many tasks to his children, in order to train them for future rule. The Baron values honor and feels a genuine sense of duty to the people who have accepted his rule. He has a council of advisors, but takes little input from the commoners. The people are well off, with a planet of 30 billion to scavenge off there are plenty of luxury goods to go around.

The Baron would like to see an interstellar culture grow that emulated the Imperium, but he is too tied up with his own affairs to actually go about and create it. He is content to be a big fish in a small pond.

Stad was a former Solomani high-tech high-pop world, which wasn't too badly damaged during the Collapse, even though the entire population perished. Suicide virus strains destroyed most of the pressure domes, but several could be revitalized with minimal effort. Baron Zoquet finds a certain irony that he managed to take a Solomani world for his domain. Today the planet is largely self sufficient, except for the supplies needed to maintain the pressure domes. These are purchased from nearby Markham. The planet grows most of its food in hydroponic gardens. Their only meat animals are small glibbers, a mammalian animal from Renj. The glibbers are arboreal and live off fruit. A full grown animal weighs about 40 lbs. The planet is used as a stop over point for traders travelling from Carmen to Markham. There is a small inn for travellers to stay; it features entertainment and good wholesome food. The prices are very low, in an effort to get travellers to spend the night there and to tell tales of their travels. Travellers are treated well and are well respected. Currently the planet produces little for export, but they do recover and trade some goods from the planet. These are mostly spare parts for high tech systems, and objects of art. The Baron has a large collection of art objects that he liked too much to trade away.

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