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by Lewis Roberts

Before the collapse Fletcher was a moderately successful mining colony for Zi; two parsecs spinward. Like so many other worlds, the Collapse scoured life from the planet. Humans have recently returned to the world.

Before the Collapse Renj, had a significant minority of people who believed in the Solomani cause, and were member of the local branch of the Solomani Party, called the Children of Terra. They were carefully monitored by Imperial intelligence services, but allowed to continue, as long as they did not actively support sedition. After the Confederation took control of the subsector, the Children of Terra received additional funding and support. The group managed to survive the Collapse and the chaos on Renj. Over the last fifty years, the group has hardened in its beliefs. It believes that Solomani humans have a destiny and a right to rule the galaxy as they are superior to other sentients. The group is repulsed by aliens and doesn't believe that humans should have any dealings with aliens. In a perfect world, all aliens would be confined to their home planets and not allowed to travel. The group realizes that is impossible in most cases, and the best they can hope for is to prohibit aliens from landing on human planets. They strongly oppose the dealings Renj and the rest of the Sitah region has with the Hive Federation. Humans who associate with Hivers and other Federation races are traitors. Many members blame the Hivers for the Collapse.

In general, the people of Renj despise the Children of Terra. In 1199 after considerable harassment and intimidation, both official and unofficial, the Children of Terra agreed to take advantage of the Colonization and Emigration Act. They picked the former world of Fletcher to colonize. It is not a great world, but it was available, and there were no alien outposts in the system. The Children have sent an advance party to prepare the world for the rest of the group to follow. The 90 or so pioneers on the planet are building shelters and scouting out the planet. The rest of the group is expected to arrive in mid-1200. They have built a crude starport with several landing berms and a radio beacon to guide incoming ships. Not many ships come to the planet, and that is unlikely to change in the near future.

Members of the ruling council of the Children of Terra dictate policy and laws. All other members are expected to obey without question. This usually isn't a problem, since obedience is drilled into all members at an early age. Council members are selected from the general populace, by the existing council members. They serve as long as they wish. There are twelve council members at any given time. Five of the council members are currently on planet. The remaining members are still on Renj, making final preparations for the colony. Non-humans, have no standing in the law, and the Children recognize no crimes against aliens.

The planet was renamed after Clyde Jowaa, an extremist Solomani political writer. He wrote several influential books about the divine rights of humaniti.

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