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by Lewis Roberts

In 1193 a small group called the Delphi Group applied for government assistance in emigrate from Renj. The group had never been heard of, but that was not a problem. After two years of paperwork, training and preparation, the colony was dropped off on their new home. Delphinium, as it was renamed is not a paradise planet, it is a massive planet over 18,000km in diameter with a gravity of 1.8gs. This creates a dense atmosphere full of caustic chemicals. Its almost instant death for humans to breath and it corrodes unprepared equipment in a mater of hours.

To survive, the colonists burrowed deep underground. They used automated boring machines to dig out a maze of tunnels. The machines are still digging today, and they have created kilometers of tunnels and hundreds of rooms. The starport is also underground, and visiting ships have to pass through the atmosphere to land. Once they are on the ground, a large elevator takes them beneath the surface, into a hangar. All incoming ships are rinsed of contaminants, and as long as the descent only took a few hours there is no danger of damage. The colonists welcome any traders willing to make the difficult journey to their home. While their is no startown for entertainment, the colonists are eager for news and always have the travellers over for dinner each night they are on planet. The colonists operate the planet as a commune, and share in both the work and the rewards. All decisions are made by group consensus of all adults over the age of 16.

The colonists are fairly self sufficient, but to bring in foreign currency, they refine several industrial chemicals from the atmosphere. These chemicals are quite caustic and only a few daring traders traffic in them. Renj is able to make the chemicals cheaper locally, but the other worlds of the Sitah are customers.

In the last few years, a rumor has spread through the Sitah, that the Delphi Group was the remnants of a Psionic Institute on Renj. Several reporters travelled to Delphinium to investigate these rumors. The group denied the rumor, and the reporters were unable to find any facts to back up the accusations, either on Delphinium or Renj. One interesting fact that was turned up was that the group did buy a fair amount of weaponry before leaving Renj. Since the rumors started, several new immigrants have come to the world.

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