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by Lewis Roberts

Dahlgren was another world settled through the Colonization and Emigration Act from Renj. The residents are all members of several dozen families who felt cramped living in the crowded arcologies on Renj. They decided it was better to live in more primitive conditions, but with more room available. Five hundred people settled on the planet in 1192. To survive in the hard conditions, they covered a small crater with a dome and made it a home.

In early 1200 a support panel for the dome failed and caused a breach in the atmospheric integrity. All but 24 people perished. A passing merchant ship rendered what little aid it could, and helped repair the damage. They offered passage to the survivors, but the colonists decided to stay on the planet. The government of Renj has dispatched a team of grief counselors. They are also trying to organize another group of colonists, who would be able to reinforce the existing colony. Everyone feels it would be a shame for the planet to die again.

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