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by Lewis Roberts

Before the war, Miisha was an anarchy of 70 million people. People took care of themselves and felt no need for a government. Paradoxically during the collapse, rather than sinking into anarchy, the people developed governments. Within 10 years of the Collapse, there were dozens of warring city states. The balkanization continued for thirty years until Christine Montoya began a twenty year war to unite the planet. Montoya saw that the planet was slowly decaying, both morally and physically. She saw her war as a crusade to save the planet. In 1181, the last city state surrendered and Montoya was named Princess Christine I of the Principality of Miisha.

She established a feudal government, where the nobles guarantee the people's freedom and provide essential services, in return the people allow themselves to be ruled and taxed. It is a fairly populist form of feudalism, and incompetent and ineffective nobles can be removed from office by a 75% vote of the populace.

Miisha is a fairly militant planet, After thirty years of warfare, the government has a highly trained and experience army at its beck and call. Unfortunately since the planet was unified, there is little to do with the military. Some of the nobles advocate using the military to intervene on other worlds such as Surren or Kodants, but so far the majority of nobles and the Princess want to avoid this sort of military adventurism. Instead they feel that using force to pacify worlds will only create more misery. Worlds have to choose civilization; they can not have it forced on them. The debate continues to rage on.

Since contacted the Hivers, Miisha has tried to become a contributing member of interstellar society. They were hampered by the fact that they possessed no starships. Eventually they were able to purchase three tramp freighters, but they are not a very impressive navy. The ships are used to carry government officials and agents to destinations around the subsector.

Miisha is quite envious of its neighbor Renj. Miisha would like to start colonies of its own, but all the nearby worlds have colonies settled from Renj. This issue has come up with at several meetings, and officials from Renj are more than willing to allow Miisha to establish additional colonies on the already settled worlds. The details need to be worked out and negotiations are under way. Still, many of the people on Miisha feel they are being handed Renj's scraps. The planetary government has set its sites on colonizing Zi. It is the only nearby world without an insidious atmosphere. The other worlds of the Sitah, are willing to let Miisha have the planet. Miisha has started planning for the colony, but its difficult to find individuals who want to leave their fairly pleasant homeworld to go live on a frozen dustball. Also since the planet was a high population high tech world, there are certain to be remains of Virus on the planet. This terrifies many perspective colonists.

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