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New Luck


by Lewis Roberts

Before the Rebellion this world was unsettled. There was no reason for anyone to come to it; it had no valuable resources and was not in a strategic location. Its planetoid belt was mostly gravel and ice, with nothing worth mining. The Imperium would send an occasional ship through the system on patrol to make sure the Solomani or pirates did not seize the world. After the invasion, the Solomani annexed the world, and put it under the administration of Ord. The Ord government continued the Imperial tradition and ignored the world.

When the Virus swept through the area, one of the casualties was a Solomani Shipping bulk transport coming from the Hinterworlds. The ship managed to make it into orbit. Knowing that the ship was failing, the captain ordered his crew and the few passengers to abandon ship. Luckily the ship had a hold full of supplies and trade goods. These included machine tools and earth moving equipment. This enabled the castaways to set up a small colony and to survive.

Today the colony is small but stable. The population has grown to 550 people. The colony still runs itself as a corporation. A director is the ultimate authority, but he works with and through his managers. Both the manager and director positions are open to anyone, and new managers are chosen based on merit. Everyone above the age of ten has a given task, and they are rewarded with credits which can be used to purchase things at the company store. After someone has completed their task, they can do what they want with their free time. Some create crafts and trade goods, which they sell.

The planet managed to maintain a small starport throughout the Collapse. It got the occasional Free Trader coming through, and occasionally pirates who needed maintenance. Regardless of their occupation, the port serviced them. After all business is business. Many of the residents are restless to take up trading again. They all grew up with stories of their ancestor's glorious past making deals among the stars. The residents aren't willing to join visiting starships as crew, they want to do this as a community. There is a growing consensus that the community should acquire a starship and begin trading. The only problem is acquiring the starship. The planet has little wealth with which to buy a starship. A group is planning on travelling to Renj, to try to convince the government to sell one of its mothballed ships to New Luck.

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