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by Pete Gray

Imperial Era.
Paro was a large non-industrial water world with an insidious amtosphere and a population of 6.3 million. Paro was owned and operated by Universal Paro Systems LIC, an imperial chartered corporation consisting of literally every inhabitant on the planet. Paro was the site of an Imperial Scout Base, and the system has 3 gas giants. It supplied a limited amount of exotic chemicals for use in the electronics industries on Torrell.

Rebellion Era / Hardtimes
Paro and the entire subsector fell rapidly to the Solomani following the withdrawal of the sector fleet. The latter withdrawal of the solomani and see-saw exchanges with the forces of Margaret's faction left Paro essentially unaffected. No-one wanted to spend their increasingly limited resources occupying an lowish tech insignificant water world with a toxic atmosphere in the middle of no-where. The major results of the war was the isolation of the planet and its board of directors from contact with the off-world share holders and overseeing imperial government. The board of directors decided that it was only responsible to shareholders on planet - and in the tradition of directors everywhere, the board of directors were the main on-planet shareholders. The board of directors became increasing dicatorial as offworld contact / supervision declined. Paro became one of the major resource worlds for Torrel - especially exotic chemicals floating naturally within Paro's seas and atmosphere. With the fall of Imperial or Solomani rule in the subsector, and most of the sector at the end of 1124, the planet fell within Torrel's sphere of influence.

Torrel provided most of Paro's spare parts (seals, filters etc.) and Paro's technology declined in line with Torrels. As technology declined, the scout base was shut down and its equipment and personnel transferred to the facility on Torrel.

Torrel's increasingly harsh government prompted limited protests on Torrel, but Torrel's government were more interested in the continued flow of raw materials than the freedoms of Paro's population. There were several unsuccesfully attempts by small groups to break away from the control of Paro's planetary government but the insidous atmosphere severly hindered rebel groups. The most famous incident was the town of Doonsburg who broke away in 1129. They hoped that either that Margaret's faction or the government of Torrel would intervene when they were blockaded by company forces. However the era of imperial intervention had passed, and Torrel's government was not interested. And as for Torrel's population, they never got past a few poorly attended protest rallies. Doonsburg then appealed to Free Traders to support them, but the average free trader was not prepared to risk their increasing difficult to maintain ships to hostile forces and the effects of an insidious atmosphere for the rewards that a small township could provide. Records are incomplete, and it is not clear if Paro's Board of Directors meant to sacrifice the township as a warning to others or just take them to the edge, but the sudden and catestrophic failure of the lifesupport seals resulted in the death of the entire population of 3,827 souls.

The arrival of the virus on a merchant from Torrel quickly ended the life of an estimated 97% of the planetary population, as the Virus openned the sealed environments to atmosphere. Vampire merchant ships scourred the system of any orbital facilities before destroying themselves in suicidal battles. Others plunged into the atmosphere destroying the now deserted facilities on the ground. A few minor outposts (mostly small mining camps) with limited computer facilities survived infection, and the atmosphere hid them from the orbiting vampires. However with limited supplies and the atmosphere eating at the life support seals, event the best equipped sites had perished within the space of two months.

New Era
Paro is a dead world with little or no worthwhile salvage or readily available resources. The planetary atmosphere has destroyed the remains of civilisation on the planet. The virus and the suidical battles between vampires left little but debris in the remained of the system. The only potential interesting site is the old scout base loctated on one of the smaller moons of Paro's secondary gas giant. As it was shut down at the time of the collapse, it did not attract the attention of the vampires. Most of the useful removeable equipment was removed and transferred to Torrel prior to the collapse, but the basic base structure, life support and power systems are intact - if a little old and in need of a little maintenance. There is currently no active vampire in the system.

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