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by Lewis Roberts

Since the Rule of Man Pesuuzu was ruled by the Aahasu family. The Family kept to itself, ruling the people with an iron fist. In the later days of the Imperium, the family doted on their numerous robots and experimented with cybernetic enhancements, both of themselves and their retainers. Sometimes condemned criminals were used in the trials of more exeperimental devices. The Family was feared and hated by the residents of the world, who the family refered to as tenants. The head of the family, Baron Rohgish, was often refered to as the Robot Baron of Aahsu.

During the Rebellion, a group of ex-security forces, lead a succesful rebellion against the family, who fled to the southern artic regions, where they started a resistance movement. The movement, wasn't very succesful, but it made occasional attacks against the new Civil Defense Force, as the new government called itself. These were more a nuisence, but still hundreds of people died in the attacks between 1128 and 1130. (Virus release date)

The world was devestated by the Virus, and about half of the 20,000 people perished. The land was left a burning wreck, but out of the southern icefields, an army emerged. This was the remenents of the Aahsu family forces, and this time the Robot Baron was actually a robot. An Aashu family warbot had seized control of the army, killed off the surviving members of the family, and declared itself the rightful Baron Aahsu. It then lead its army of virus infected robots and cyborgs on a crusade to conquor the rest of the planet.

In 1200, the Baron has divided the planet into a series of fuedal domains, each controlled by a robot or cyborg, who has sworn alleigence to him. The surviving human serfs till the fields and obey the word of their unliving lords. They are a primitive, and supersitious lot. There is no education system anymore and they are iliterate.

The Baron controlls the only high tech factory capable of replacing parts for the robots. Though it can not build new robots. It can build new cybernetic parts, and humans which please the Baron are granted cybernetic organs, and allowed to become part of the Iron Horde.

ReferencesThis was based on the Update to the Astrogator's Guide to Diaspora Sector by Charles Gannon in Traveller Chronicle #4.

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