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by Lewis Roberts

In pre-collapse times, this was a high-tech research center run by the Society for Tomorrow, a group dedicated to bringing about a utopian society. The Society thought that technology could solve all the problems of the Imperium. They were heavily involved with faster than light communications and matter transport. Unfortunatly they had more theories than practical successes.

They did own the adjacent planet of Vigo. Vigo was originally owned by Dawnstar Enterprises, a small manufacturing and mining corporation. Around 990, the company fell on hard economic times, and was forced to sell its one remaining assest: Vigo. The Society for Tomorrow bought the planet. They thought they could use the planet as proof of the validity of their philosophy. Well in the next hundred years, it hadn't turned into a utopia, but the Society was able to stablize the economy and most of the people were fairly satisfied with the arrangment. Vigo produced most of the food and supplies for Hatfield.

The two planets were fairly self sufficient, so the Rebellion didn't harm them overly much. A raider from an unknown faction bombarded the planet in 1121, and heavily damaged the air processing plant, but a replacment was purchased from Quioxan. The greatest blow was in 1122 when a taskforce from Lucan's Imperium, kidnapped several hundred researchers. It was thought Lucan needed them to work on super weapons.

Virus arrived on planet aboard a Free Trader, the Virus on board infected the central comuter facility which opened all the hatches, killing the inhabitants. The Virus then turned off the fusion plant, cutting power to the planet, and also itself. Needless to say, it was a fairly primitive strain of Virus.

In 1131, the representatives from all the member worlds of the Alliance of Stars, started sending salvage parties, to recover the nearly intact relic equipment. While the Alliance stood they managed to remove a great deal of the relic equipment. The fighting that broke out on Hatfield which precipitated the fall of the Alliance, destroyed most of the remaining relics. Since the fall of the Alliance, occasionally Free Traders attempt to prospect for relic goods, but it is difficult to find useful goods and few find it profitable.

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