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Six Gun


by Lewis Roberts

Honorably dismissed from service with Daibei in 1127, Six Gun's returning Colonial Army found the local government in total disarray. They threw out the Colonial Proctors from Six Gun's parent system - Bones - and set themselves up as the new leaders. However, they are even more hierarchical and painfully orthodox than the old government.

The Fishing Admirals of this water-world's most influential Sweeper Fleets (Six Gun's primary source of income) requested that the current junta step down. Naval units were dispatched from the small rocky island capital of Blackspire to deal with these "seditious buccaneers." In response, the Fishing Admirals accpted the services of a company of Cumberan light infantry which happened to pass through the system.

The former overlords of Bone, realized that they would not be able to reassert their rule. They decided to make the best of the situation, and offered an alliance with the Fishing Admirals, which was accepted. With the help of the Bone's higher tech level forces, the Fishing Admirals were able to defeat the junta after a two year civil war. Much to the Admiral's suprise, the Bone forces actually kept their word and returned home. The Fishing Admirals set up a ruling council of the Admirals of the Sweeper Fleets.

After the fall of the Alliance, the surviving Fishing Admirals started squabbeling amongst themselves and by 1150, all attempts at coopoeration had ceased. Each of the Admirals took control of a portion of the world and ruled over it. This rule had continued to this day. They rule over the small islands and floating islands that still sail the world's oceans. The fleets started off as fusion powered hydrofoils, but have for the most part been replaced by oil-burning steam-powered dreadnaughts.

Oblivious to the Rebellion and Collapse, the planet's almost 20 million Chirpers continue to produce large numbers of aquatically adapted mutant offspring. This trend, which has been noted for almost 200 years, has accelerated. In 1120 almost 10% of all hatchlings have the new amphibious physiology. During the Collapse the Chirpers were ignored and left to inhabit a few worthless rocky islands. The numbers of the Chirpers inhabiting these islands slowly dwindled and by 1182, they were unihabited. None of the humans know what happened to the Chirpers and no one really cares. There are occasional rumours of mermen.

References: the Astrogator's Guide to Diaspora Sector by Charles Gannon.

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