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by Patrice Lemire

A former TL-13 high population, industrial world, Forward was one of only three in the subsector. As the Hard times fell it too experience a decline in port and technology. It was one of the core worlds of the Khavle Accordment. When Virus came, the world was able to hold on a bit longer then Khavle due to the fact that most of its critical system where now down to TL-8 standard but it one the less eventually fell. Like Khavle it too suffered from economic woes and undertook to freeze part of its population although at a smaller rate due to the lower local technology which forced the construction of a few higher tech factories in order to produce the necessary hibernation and support equipment. This was done with help for Khavle. The current cryogenic population numbers around 2.5 million, the facilities are a mixture of TL-8-10 construction.
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