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by Patrice Lemire

During the First Imperium Accra was a quiet relatively backwater agricultural world on the Khavle main: a jump-one trade route encompassing most of the subsector and a few worlds in all neighboring subsectors. During the Rule of Man the world was put under the supervision of a naval Lt. Commander of African decent who when ask by the local bureaucracy to give the world a more Solomani name chose that of his hometown of Accra on Africa`s Ivory coast. With its Terra prime environment and low population (under 600 000 ) this world was a prime candidate for colonization by the expanding population of Terra. The new settlers came from three distinct groups. The first group was from Africa`s Ivory Coast brought in part by the influence of the new planetary governor, the second came from Scandinavian countries while the last originated from the northern part of North America.

During Imperial times the population swelled to 90 millions, a mix of the various founding ethnic groups including a fair amount descended from the original Vilani colonist. The global tech level was 13, providing a very comfortable standard of living. The class B starport enjoyed a large amount traffic mostly in shipping food to the two neighboring high population worlds of Khavle and Forward each a mere parsec away.

Then came the rebellion, Accra found itself in the outlands region of Margaret`s Domain a faction which it had wholeheartedly supported. With the rise of piracy, declining trade and tech level Accra joined its two biggest trade partners to form the Khavle Accordment . Thanks to a bit of help from Khavle it manage to stabilized it tech level to 11 and for a few years actually enjoyed a semblance of prosperity. All this can to an end when in 1133 a large Vampire fleet wreaked havoc up and down the Khavle main introducing Virus to the world computer net which thus far had managed to contain the infection to the starport area.

In addition to the initial damage cause by the Vampire fleet the newly released Virus caused chaos in the world's highly automated farm industry and eventually the world was plunged into a wide civil war over resources. Groups based on old ethnic affiliation rose up and attempted to take control of what remained.

In 1134 a convoy of refugees from what was left of Margaret`s Domain landed on the world. Their original destination was the Union of Suffren but the failure of several ships made them opt for Accra which at the time offered the best environmental condition for survival (By this time Forward and Khavle where both dying world and Tsian was too far away to risk the additional jump).

The group was lead by what was left of the Order of the Blue Feather. An order of knighthood based in Margaret Domain. The leaders had theorized (and rightly so) that the small polities outside faction`s safe area where more likely to survive since they already had to adjusted to the harsh condition of the Outlands and Wilds. The Union of Suffren was among the strongest and best organized in Diaspora sector and offered the best odds unfortunately the constant battle with the fleet`s ship and their computers forced them to settle something more immediate and Accra seemed like the best prospect. They landed on an isolated island named Victoria on the opposite side of the planets main population center. Victoria is comparable in size to Terra`s Cuba. Its only town, with a population of about 10,000 used the island as a resort and were mainly involved in tourism related industries. Over the next decades the planet decayed into barbarism technology sliding down to 6. In the mean time the refugees gradually built up their island now organized in the independent nation of Victoria. The original transport ship formed the nucleus for an underwater settlement. A few basic industries were set up using some equipment the group had brought with them but mostly relied on local "salvage". The Victorian can be said to be the first to have pioneered Smash and Grab operations. To this day Victoria still retains the world Hard Time era locally sustainable tech level of 11 and even managed to move beyond this in certain fields . Some might argue that the Victorian salvage operations help the decline of technology but at that time the few remaining TL-11 factories had been converted to military use and contributed little to the civilian population.

In 1150 situation had calmed down, many of the Accrean nation settling into the all too familiar pattern of technologically elevated dictatorship rule and petty brush wars. Most in Victoria would have been happy to remain unnoticed and let their fellow worlders to their fate but this was not to be so. The Order of the Blue Feather was still quite alive and part of the knight's oath was to defend all imperial citizens from its enemies what ever form they might take and to " preserve and reestablish the best of all possible society in modern times " (D. Meyers, Challenge no. 47). The knight could not simply accept the status quo , they were honorbound to help their fellow citizens.

Preliminary studies showed that to simply recontact the other nations and share their technology would be wasted by renewed competition between the various warlords. They instead opted for a subtle approach. Covert agent were sent across the planet and discretely disseminated technical know how They were also the ones responsible for the convenient finds of TL-13 part needed by each nation to either reactivate or maintain the old PAD system to help fend off Vampire depredation. They also took more drastic steps, launching decapitation raids on the more oppressive TED by both masquerading as local freedom movements and by actually setting up and supporting such movements. Although some might see some Hiver influences in the choice of methods, Margaret`s Domain had extensive trade relations with the Hive Federation before the collapse, this is not the case. The true origins of the matter are among the refugees which included many former members of IRIS the Imperial Regency of Intelligence and Security. These were the real influence behind the Orders decision on how to proceed and by the same token provided a highly trained and experience corporation around which to build the new Victorian intelligence services.

Over the last 30 years the overall global tech level has climbed back to 9. Competition between regional and ethnic factions is still present, over the last 20 years a new source of disputed has erupted splitting the world even further. Some of planet few remaining TEDs and other more repressive governments have enlisted support form the roving vampire fleets traveling up and down the Vampire Main in order not only to retain their hold on power but also to expand it at their neighbors expense. The other more pluralistic nations see this as a direct threat and rightly so. In some case the pro-virus nations have no choice as their territory include little if any PAD facilities making them more vulnerable, giving them few alternatives, some are rule by religious groups who worship Virus while others simply see this as a way to increase their power.

As of 1202 sporadic fighting still goes on. The Knight are still mostly a myth as far as the rest of the planet is concerned. Technology as stalled to TL-9 as the Victorians feel these is sufficient for the moment and are reluctant to introduce more advances until the world nations resolve their differences. The Covenant of Suffren make occasional patrol in the system but do not interfere with passing vampire fleets, their job is to observe their movements not fight them off. The Victorian on the other hand realize that the isolated location of their island is no longer enough to keep them relatively safe and have begun a more aggressive industrialization program and military build up. Their ground forces are outfitted to TL-11 standard with a few relic and new experimental stiffening. The knights have manage to preserve a streamlined yacht and an old TL-11 corsair in working order. This last ship was once part of the small Accordment navy and was built on nearby Medora which during that time had one of the few remains starship yard in the sector. They also have also salvaged a few TL-11 Termigan class fighters also once the part of the Accordment navy which they are reverse-engineering and are in the process of setting up a facility to produce additional craft . Their small fleet is based in an old class F spaceport part of the original settlement. They would be quite agreeable to contact with the Covenant and/or the R.C. They have occasionally detected the presence of the Covenant patrols and have had some dealings with Free Traders and are thus aware of the presence of an organized polity in the area. They are also quite aware of the existence of the Guild which make occasional runs to Accra.

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