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by Patrice Lemire

Formally a minor TL-12, non-industrial world on the Khavle main. The world was well known for its ornithopter enthusiasts, it`s sole claim to fame. Ornithopter are a form of primitive hand-gliders which remained popular as a sport in the sector even though higher technologies made them obsolete. Tsinan was the fourth and smallest member of the Khavle Accordment, by then local tech was down to 8 and the starport to D, enough for minimal offworld contact. Its 9 million inhabitant were split into seven nations. After the collapse a series of wars brought all of these under a single planetary government. The ruler of Tsinan can be classified as a TED. The common tech level has dropped to 2. The TED, Baron Frederic of Tsinan holds power thanks to a small quantity of TL-12 military gear and a larger quantity of TL-8 gear. The capital city has managed to maintain a tech level somewhere between 4 and 5 depending on the field, with military transport and communication related fields getting priority as their are the key factors in retaining control over the population of 8 million which is widely spread all over the planet`s dry biosphere. This level also allows for the basic industries needed to provide the Vampires with the semiprecious resources they demand.

With a law level of 11 one would think the Baron is a rather oppressive chap. In actual fact the Baron grand-father soon realize he didn`t have the resources to fight the visiting Vampire fleets and that the only way to ensure the survival of the general population was to cooperate, his decedents have continued this policy. A few times a year a fleet visits the world demanding slaves, food for the ones they already have and raw materials. The slaves to be turned over to these visitor are selected by two way. The first is to use criminals, these are given basic technical training, just enough to make them of some value. The second way which is only used when insufficient number of long term prisoners are not available is by lottery. All single adults between 20 and 40 are automatically entered on the drawing list. Needless to say this system has lead people to marry at an early age. This was the best compromise the rulers could come up with.

The high law level is caused by both the need to maintain control in the face of vampire depredations and by the worlds somewhat harsh climate which limits the quantity of arable land. With TL-2 agricultural technique the land is far from being used optimaly. Actual enforcement level for civil law is closer to 8. Weapons are strictly controlled as a form of more pluralistic government or worse fragmentation into old allegiance would prove disastrous for all.

The Baron is somewhat opened to offworld contact and as been the host to a few Guild delegations. These mostly centered on the acquisition of TL-5-6 machine-tools and industrial equipment. The Baron feels that his mix TL-5, 8 and 12 forces a more then adequate for his needs although PAD and AD systems are of some interest provided the vampires don't find out about them.

Overall all considering the situation the inhabitant are pretty well off. All receive a elementary level education and thus have a minimum level of literacy. TL-4-5 medicine is widely available. The baron would like to do more but the vampire visit are created a climate of technophobia among the general population. The Baron cannot be said to be either popular or hated by his subjects, is family has been in charge for a long times and that just the way things are as far as most are concerned. As for the Baron, he sees himself and the only thing standing between the vampire and Tsinan, for the most part he is right.

The government stats are as follow.
Corruption: Low
Talent: Moderate
Cruelty: Low
Aggression: Moderate
Paranoia/Xenophobia: Moderate (high for pop

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