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Personalities of Madoc Subsector

by Alvin Plummer

(Editor's note: This article refers to several worlds which are not in the canonical subsector, referees should feel free to adjust the worlds to those that are more suited to their individual campaigns. This article is set before the Collapse.)

There are a vast number of interesting sophonts in Madoc subsector, both visitors and natives. I will provide a couple of likely people, generally leaders, moneymen, and warriors, who have been mentioned in the subsector-wide news services.

One person I will NOT be detailing is Aracon M'Bec. This man resides on Diotrephes, a small, loose-living Kelvinite Christian settlement near Tyrannus. Besides mining, the other major economic activity is "capitalizing on the celebrity of Aracon M'Bec, a local programmer famous across two subsectors for his entertainment modules (it's an acquired taste)".

Exactly *what* is on those modules, the history, personality and beliefs of M'Bec, how much money he has, his friends and foes will be left to the Referee to develop as he sees fit. If he need's a bit of comic relief, or wants to project a "voice" in Madoc subsector, that's what M'bec is for.

Baron Sir Dieter von Hagedorn

An older pure Solomani man, who looks quite like the German aristocrat to 20th century eyes. A junior member of a minor noble family, he has put in his time in one of the regular TL E Imperial regiments for the sake of his family, and managed to earn a minor knighthood for valour and clear thinking during an action.

After an additional ten-year stint as a rank Baron in the Imperial government, he has retired from service and is now part-owner of an anomaly: the large (25,000 disp) independent liner, the _Imperator_, christened after the nickname of his old regiment. Baron Sir von Hagedorn has limited starship skills, but is a good, no-nonsense negotiator who brings in the better class of customers.

He operates from Madoc because that's where the business is: there are always a large group of Ogadzi families moving to some Diaspora system or another, and willing to pay in Imperial Credits or precious metals. He tends to view his Ogadzi customers with an amused contempt, and prefers to associate with his kind of poeple, Imperial servants and wealthy, nonOgadzi businessmen destined for the upper class cabins.

von Hagedorn is always worried about the possibility of a major Sector, Domain or Imperial corporation moving into his routes, but so far no one has tried to do so. So far as he keep's his operation limited to one ship, he should remain too small for the big boys to bother with.

Baroness Skiki Midaguraar

Yes, this is the cold-eyed Vilani Baroness who put down the Kelvin rebellion in 1073.

Now at 182, she is getting old even by Vilani standards, with a physical age of about 70 in Solomani terms. In order to insure a smooth succession, she is planning to abdicate soon in favour of her fourth child, following Vilani tradition. In the meantime, she remains by far the most feared noble in the subsector: Solomani Imperial military personnel has been known to imitate deep, mechanical breathing whenever she leaves the room.

As the Baroness of Kelvin sort's out her affairs, she has noted various loose ends that need cleaning up, and is currently in the market of a group of adventurers willing to do the necessary work. The pay is expected to be substantial, as would be the danger. She can only offer limited support, as her Imperial duties have first call on her Household intelligence and miliary resources. As they are in the private employ of a noble, they are definitely expected to obey the Imperial rules of war: how they square this with what they are expected to accomplish is their problem.

As an employer, Baroness Skiki will demand excellence, and will be very harsh, even cruel, if it is denied her. On the other hand, she does appreciate a record of success, and will be more willing to grant some tiny amount of forgiveness for mistakes - but you had better earn the right to be forgiven, first.

Sir Daniel Kim

The wealthiest single Ogadzi alive, Kim made his fortune and fame as a corporate officer of Delgado, the Imperial Megacorporation. After a long and eventful career in the military equipment division, Kim was promoted to the position Chief Financial Officer over the entire megacorporation in 1098. During his tenure Kim placed the focus on stabilising the financial accounts of the various corporate divisions, but a sharp fall of the stock price in the Solomani Rim led to his ouster in 1106.

Now retired on Tyrannus, Daniel Kim is a major voice of moderation in the Ogadzi councils. He is openly proImperial, and believes that the Imperium would be better off if it joined the Ismya religion. As leader of the Sir Daniel Kim Contact Group, he is attempting to persuade the local religious and political leadership that the Faith is best served by a strong Imperium, and one of the best ways to put the Faith to work is for the Tyrannus political leadership to accept noble titles and join the Imperium in spirit, not just in law. That way, they can shape the Imperial Law to match Divine Law, strengthening both legal systems.

While some people agree with his thinking, other Tyranni aristocrats want to insure that it's the Imperium that bends to the will of the Faith, and not the other way around. However, everyone agrees with the goals: the only question is the methods. Most likely, a variety of tools will be tried, with the most sucessful getting more and more funding.

In the meantime, the Sir Daniel Kim Contact Group continues to expand across Diaspora space, providing humanitarian and other non-military support to Ogadzi communities, promoting the growth of the Ismya Christian faith, and funding studies and research that show how to meet long-term Ogadzi goals.

Urgi Shedimiirsimar

Another pure-blood Vilani, 142 years old, but physically in his early 50's. A walking military legend, he has been in the fighting ranks of the Imperial Marines for 120 years, signing on at the age of 15. Urgi and is among the very few sophonts alive today who took part in the largest single battle in the history of humaniti, the Invasion of Terra in 1002.

Among the Vilani Marines, he is pratically a living archetype of both the best Vilani fighting man and the glory of being a Marine. While his battle skills are just starting to decline due to physical age, they are still so high as to be apparently supernatural: and he continues to train, just like always.

Currently, he is working with Imperial intelligence services as a consultant regarding the physical protection of an Imperial Family Member, as he or she crosses Diaspora. It's *highly* unlikely that they would enter Madoc subsector - but the knowledge Urgi has can be applied anywhere. In the meantime, he remains Arrikesh's most famous son, even though he hasn't seen home in a long, long time.

Baron Joshua Tauri

Baron Joshua - a pure Solomani noble - is only 23 years old, but has succeeded in a very difficult task: uniting the world of Nephilim under his noble banner. As theocratic a Christian as the Nephilim could desire, his faith actually stems from the Brotherhood of the Cross, rather than the Ismya denomination. However, they are quite similar in both doctrine and their aggression, and Baron Joshua plans to publically convert to Ismya Christianity in 1120.

When the local Nephilim fractions agreed to direct Noble rule in 1105, they explictly insisted that the noble be a Solomani and a devout Christian. It took a while for the Office of Noble Arms to find someone who matched the requirements, *and* be relied on to support the Imperial government, but in 1109 selected the youngest child of House Tauri, 12-year old Joshua, to rule the system.

[ According to Imperial tradition, adulthood is reached upon puberty, although "strong family oversight" can be administered until age 18. ]

When the locals saw who was sent to rule the system, the majority promptly began ignoring his authority, believing that the child would be a weak ruler, unwilling to shed blood. They were wrong, as the Imperial garrison demonstrated time and time again. After 1111, the locals were willing to cut a deal, but Baron Joshua had no interest in deals: he had already lost family members to the locals and their silly racial divisions, and his ONLY desire was to break all resistance to his rule - not in the name of the Emperor, not in his own name, but in the name of Jesus Christ. He was given expert Imperial advice on how to do so, and by 1115 there is simply no resistance anymore.

Currently, Baron Joshua is currently searching for a suitable mate from the local elite to marry: he also plans to change the government from an Impersonal Bureaucracy to something like the Civil Service on Mashad or Ogodza. Now that the starport is up to C-class and there is a functioning economy again, he can start repaying favours that he owes certain other noble houses, and squeeze out the best deal from investors who want to be part of the rebirth of a planet.

Madeline de Clark

de Clark is the senior executive of Makhidkarum operations in Madoc subsector. As one of the few Solomani leaders in this Vilani megacorporation, she feels that she is continually being judged and measured, but instead of grumbling about it, she uses it as a prod to spur her on to greater acomplishments.

Mainly focused on communications and entertainment, Makhidkarum has shaped it's offerings to meet the subsector culture, and prospered very nicely in doing so. The people under her are mainly locals, who understand what makes great entertainment, and can successfully manage to walk the tightrope of religious artistry that inspires, not offends, and yet does not come off as bland, insipid, or trite. A large amount of good-will has been created by the company, which partly rubs off on the Imperium itself.

de Clark is aware of her political importance, but believes that there is still a way to generate yet more profit: moreover, she has a mandate to reach all the Madoc cultures, not just the Ogadzi. So quietly, she has started to act as an exporter for Vacare goods and artwork, and has also initiated a pilot project to produce domestic propaganda for the Kelvin government. To balance it out, she also is working with the Ogadzi on the best methods to propagate the Faith throughout Diaspora: Makhidkarum has been working in the sector since First Imperium times, and is more than willing to place it's experience to work for the Faith - for a respectable fee, of course.

Marco Zedong

Zedong is the head of Tuleon AgriCorp LIC, the corporation that owns the planet Macedonia. An astute business leader, his risky purchase of the system in 1095 has been a major sucess story, sending Tuleon stock smashing through the roof, and himself a very rich man. As smart a politican as a corporate leader, he has also in a mere 15 years (1095 - 1110) increaced the system's TL from B to C - and actually turn out a profit by doing so. The only major government problem remains Baron Marciano, who - with his concubines - is still holed up in the starport, preventing it's upgrade from E to C-class as the traffic demands. Instead, the port has grown to take up more and more room, making it absolutely enormous.

Zedong has petitioned Emperor Strephon to remove Marciano's noble title, and shift it to himself instead. Zedong has built up a lot of support in the subsector Moot, and the Emperor is expected to make the change... when he finds the time. Until then, he's stuck with the Baron, who refuses to just Go Away.

In the meanwhile, Zedong has a business to run. He's a leader of a strong and successful company, and doesn't care to put the reputation of Tuleon at risk with illegal acts. His system's largest customer, Tyrannus, is quite satisfied with the goods and has more than enough money to pay for them. However, Zedong has remarkably little information on the other major agricultural worlds in the subsector - the small and isolated system of Mashad and the larger and more formidable system of NightVision, at the other side of the subsector. He could use a little help in obtaining additional information on his major competitors in the subsector market. Preferably with as little fuss or bother as possible, and without starting armed hostilities.

Captain Sir Mario Miastkowski

"The last time I gave an interview they told me to just relax and say what I really felt. Ten minutes after the broadcast I got transferred to an outpost so far off the starmaps you couldn't find it with a hunting dog and an oujia board." - Sheridan, Babylon-5

Captain of the ISS Imperial Wrath, a 120,000 disp TL C warship and the flagship of the Madoc Subsector Colonial Fleet. This is a deep disgrace for a classic Big Ship man, who had spent his entire career as an officer on battleships and dreadnoughts.

His transfer from Ley ("The Most Boring Sector in the Imperium") to wealthy Diaspora lifted his spirits to stratospheric levels, and he was certain to get a plump command. So when a local Diaspora network asked his opinion on how to improve the readiness of Fleet forces, he cheerfully gave them a earful, certain that his comments would be with discretion by the reporters, just like they would in Ley.


Oh, Captain Miastkowski got his big ship all right - after being transferred to a *Colonial* Navy, "to help with all that readiness you were so interested about". The IN didn't want to waste his experience with big ships, so they gave him the _Imperial Wrath_, good enough to handle any local problems, but *not* the kind of ship he was aiming for. Currently, the Captain is half-way to tendering his resignation - his career is shot anyways, his pension is locked in, but he hates to leave a job undone.

Captain Carl Schwarzchild

Born and raised in the Solomani Rim, Captain Schwarzchild spend most of his career in a planetary navy, as one of the officers of a variety of small SDB's, eventually rising to command one at the end of his career. Now, he finds employment as a local starmerc-for-hire, providing cadre training for various Ogadzi navies.

On one of his tickets, he heard a rumour of a long-lost yacht from Kelvin, somewhere in deep orbit around Macedonia's primary, which holds a photoengraving of General Jimmy Madoc. This general created the first local interstellar government, during the fall of the Rule of Man. *IF* the photoengraving could be found, it would be literally priceless: but the yacht has been lost for 120 years, and many seekers has turned up empty-handed.

Captian Schwarzchild understands that there is something politically sensitive about the man, but as a foreigner he doesn't understand just how much the locals adore the Madoc dynasty. His place in local history is something like a combination of Alexander, Julius Caeser,and King Arthur: and the government holding the photoengraving would be able to use it as a political proxy, implying that *they* have the blessing of the great President, and that system's government is the rightful leader of the subsector.

Major Isaiah Lee

Major Lee is the leader of St. Michael's Legions, one of the more powerful Church Militant groups. While not the largest group, it does directly own two 300-disp TL C patrol ships, capable of Jump3, and has the affiliation of three Ogadzi free traders as well.

The traders are usually, well, trading: with the financial support of the Diaspora and a little help from Ogadzi governments and private societies, they can provide a little transportation and cover for two month's of the year, or be chartered out for longer voyages (half the cost upfront, please). The patrol boats spend three years of every four earning their keep, fighting pirates and patrolling space under contract to various governments, Ogadzi or otherwise. Every fourth year, however, they get to fight for the Faith, anywhere in Diaspora or - with much less support - in Alpha Crucis space.

There is also a less-famous mercenary cadre arm. For a reasonable fee (often much lower than cost, with the extra financing thrown in by private Ogadzi societies), they provide basic and specialized training for Ogadzi believers throughout Diaspora and Alpha Crucis. In Solomani space, the cadre arm operated with extreme discretion: no need to get the Solomani excited about military training and weaponry for half-breeds....

Recently, Major Lee led a Legion unit into a sharp little firefight in Solomani territory, against people they had NO business messing with. Major Lee did pray for his unit, but fully expected to lose a third of his men, minimum. Somehow they managed to squeak out a victory, but the real surprise was that there were _no_ Legion casualities. None. Not even a sprained ankle, or a scraped knee.

Now, Major Lee has heard of Divine Grace happening to other people, but has never seen it himself in the field. He has seen gruesome friendly fire incidents, his friends drowning in their own blood, and what the most gentle man with a gun can do if he get's *really* angry, but he never saw pure Grace until that day.

So on the free trader, on it's long journey back to Madoc, he asked God what He wanted with a poor soldier like him. Why, after all the brutal things he has seen and done, did God show him His Grace? What did he do to deserve this? What was God trying to say? He went on and on in his prayers, in every spare moment he had, for four days.

And on the fourth day, late in the night cycle, God told him why.

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