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by Nicolas Lejeune

Anamoni (X99A448-8) : Entire planet surface is ice. Anamoni was settled in the late 400's, soon after the First Survey located substantial mineral resources buried far beneath the planet's icy shroud. Miners came in to bore hles through the frozen global sea and the local atmosphere was made almost breathable by the release of oxygen freed from the melted ice.

Still Anamoni's Climate is eminently lethal to humans, and workers are forced to perform their jobs in well-insulated vehicles and protective suits. These roving miners set out from Anampont, Anamoni's only city, for extended tours of rugged duty out on the ice sheets. Anamoni's inhabitants are a resourceful folk, forced to improvise and innovate out of necessity. The small population of far-ranging individualists are wholly self-reliant in nature, but they have no qualms about cooperating when such action is merited. Anamonians are typically unresponsive to offworlders, preferring to extol the virtures of their own society rather than hear tales of others.

The planets is governed by Anampont's urbanites, who viote on issues via the city's comm network. Effectivly all residents take turns at governemnt duties, as other jobs periodically call many away from Anampont onto the ice. Interestingly, a lenient set of laws applies to those in the cty, while harsher, more stringent rules take effect outside Anampont's civilized Environment.

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