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by Chris Griffen

Ektorr (1909) is governed by the same monarch who ruled the world during pre-Collapse times. King Aevan Thodd is now some 127 years in age, at the mercy of addictive anagathics. The early years of the Collapse were hard on the Ektorrians. Raised with strong conservationist ethics due to the planet's very limited resources and aridity, they had to a point become dependent upon the world's technology to soften the harshness of their environment. This situation was exacerbated by the fact that many of the "Tatoos" (the landed gentry, so named because of their ritual wearing of tatoos to mark their status) united in an insurrection called "The Awakening." King Thodd managed to put down this revolution in 1146, but only at great cost to the world's civil liberties. Thinking himself an enlightened dictator, Thodd has slowly honored his commitment to return civil freedoms to the populace, but still maintains considerable military defenses. His army has been maintained at approximately TL 8, giving them a distinct advantage over the TL 5 masses.

Ektorrians celebrate the defeat of the Tatoos on "Royal Day." On this day, the people don their most garish outfits and celebrate with all forms of debauchery. The other 364 days of the year, they are as dour a people as you're likely to find.

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