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by Carlos Alos-Ferrer

Forquee, settled in -8,700 by the Geonee minor human race, and re-settled by the vilani during the Ziru S, has had a multicultural population since the rule of Man, with a Solomani minority acting as a buffer between the Geonee and the Vilani.

When the Rebellion erupted, Forquee has an impressingly high population in excess of 90,000 millions. The planet was ruled by a charismatic dictator of Solomani origin, who decided to side with Margaret. Although the Vilani population were more inclined to support the Ziru Sirkaa faction, the new Vilani Imperium was too far away from Forquee for these inclinations to evolve into anything serious.

Nevertheless, the original Geonee worlds around Shiwonee sided with Lucan, and part of the Geonee population of Forquee actively supported his cause, leading to a state of civil war in some regions.

Internal conflicts and external attacks left Forquee badly damaged. In the last years of the Rebellion, whole regions of the planet declared its autonomy. When the Collapse hit Forquee, the major megaloppolis and orbital cities disappeared in the blink of an eye. With the disappearance of all interstellar commerce and the fall of the automated food production centers, the planet was unable to support its population. Roughly 99% of the population died in 1130.

Recovery, though, was quick. Having been populated during ten millennia by the technology-oriented Geonee, Forquee technical archives were quite extensive, and hard copies of key materials existed. The Geonee autonomous regions fared the best, and, in 1195, the planet was reunited under the Technology Council, an assembly of local leaders, almost all of them Geonee.

Population has dropped dramatically from pre-Rebellion levels, to only 800 million, and race proportions have also changed: 60% are Geonee, 30% are humans of mixed Solomani and Vilani stock, and only 10% are racially pure Vilani. Among these, a terrorist movement calling itself Vilani Restoration has staged some armed coups in the last years.

The Technology Council has started a program of space exploration using recovered starships, almost all of them capable only of Jump-1. This program has led to the establishment of a small, permanent colony in P'ley (1818). The world has recently been contacted by scouts from Revie (Shiwonee subsector, 1621).

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