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by Carlos Alos-Ferrer

In pre-Rebellion times, Liaw was basically a huge agricultural exploitation owned by a mid-sized corporation, Garunda Trading, controlled by the Vilani megacorporation Zirunkariish. This corporation owned or controlled a number of agricultural worlds throughout Massilia, including e.g. Tanny (Shokee subsector, 1238). In the huge corporate asset exchange of 1121, Garunda Trading control was transferred to Hortalez et Cie. Later, in Hard Times, the world received hundreds of thousands of refugees from other worlds of the subsector, notably from Forquee and Udipeni.

When the Virus reached Liaw, most of the automated agricultural exploitations were left in complete chaos, as automated harvesters started chasing humans. The orbital complex, which combined starport facilities and a naval base, re-entered atmosphere after being taken over by a suicidal strain of Virus.

But Liaw's population was low, resources high, and TL was only 9, so Virus was unable to cause long term trouble. Population actually recovered beyond the original levels after some decades of isolation.

Nowadays, Liaw is governed by the Survival Committee, an oppressive minority descended from a mixture of corporate Hortalez and Cie executive officers and Margaret's Navy officers. The Committee maintains power by use of recovered TL-9 technology. The starport (which is downport only) is the base of three SDBs, which have been used more often to land in rebel cities as a show of strength than to actually patrol the system.

Remarkably, one quarter of the population is comprised by Geonee, but no Geonee has never formed part of the Committee. Several Geonee technicians have been executed in the last decade, charged with treason.

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