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by Carlos Alos-Ferrer

The surface part of the A starport, almost totally automated, is controlled by a strain XB ("God") Virus and is the home base for a Vampire Fleet formed by almost twenty spaceships and 11 starships: 2 patrol cruisers, 3 Far Traders, 4 Scout/Couriers, 1 Close Escort, and 1 Subsidized Liner. In addition, 4 highly non-standard starships built at the Starport in the following years have left the system, but they have not returned. One of the main objectives of the Vampire Fleet is to locate the missing starships and determine its fate.

Hundreds of humans survive as servants of the God, working as technicians or tripulants. Their numbers are occasionally reinforced by captured children from planets raided by the fleet.

The world (in fact, the starport) has only recently reached again TL E, after decades of research to recover missing data and reconstruct destroyed data banks. The God pretends to recover even TL F.

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