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by Carlos Alos-Ferrer

Homeworld of the Llyrnian minor alien race. The Llyrnians are tunnel-dwellers based on trilateral symmetry, whose main sense is a broad range vibration perception. Of their three sexes (Feeders, Delvers, and Warriors), the Warriors were traditionally contracted by other races (specially the Geonee) as ship troops or marines. Used to low-G and with a vision that centers in the infrared part of the spectrum, the Llyrnians are fearsome in ship boarding actions.

During millennia, the dense network of tunnels of Llyrn's crust was under the rule of a single leader, the Supreme Delver. When the Virus struck, most of the deep tunnels, were abandoned, due to failure of the environmental controls upon which its inhabitability depended. Roughly 25% of the tunnels, though, were inhabitable without any environmental control. Unfortunately, most of the major food production centers were located in the deepest tunnels, and thousand of millions of survivors quickly died from starvation. Adding insult to injury, the survivors of the Llyrnian race had to fight an epic battle against the uncountable numbers of heavy robotized machinery which helped the Delvers to maintain the old tunnels and drill new ones. >From the original pre-Collapse population of 50 thousand millions, today only one thousand millions of Llyrnians populate the tunnels. Also, millions of surviving Virus-infected machines wander the abandoned areas.

The inhabitable tunnels are nowadays cut in three major areas, each under the rule of a Supreme Delver. One of these areas is heavily technophobic and xenophobic. The remaining two have been contacted by the Geonee Confederation, and Llyrnian marines are once again being used in Geonee ships, although still in small numbers.

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