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by Carlos Alos-Ferrer

Nagiida was settled by Vilani colonists during First Imperium times, and has maintained a Vilani culture since then. Along the history, the world has been one of the major opponents to the Geonee influence in the area.

Both the Rebellion and the Collapse hit Nagiida harshly. In addition to military attack, the already impoverished economy of the overpopulated world suffered badly when local Hortalez et Cie's managers decided to flee the world to relocate the corporation assets in the Tanny Project, in 1124. The situation exploded when thousand of natives tried to seize control of the corporation starships that were taking its employees out of the planet. In a few weeks, corporation mercenaries were fighting both the populace and the local army. When Hortalez et Cie's personnel finally was evacuated, the planet was left in complete chaos.

Hard Times did nothing to help the world's economy. When the Virus arrived, the planet population had already suffered a spectacular decrease, with hundreds of millions of people dying from starvation, disease, or in petty civil wars. Virus finished the job. From the pre-Rebellion population figure of 80,000 millions, only 3,000 millions survived in 1131. Seventy years later, population recovery has lead to the current 5,000 millions figure.

The planet is heavily balkanized, with 6 major nations and around twenty minor ones. Conflicts and even open warfare among them is not unusual, as no supranational government exists. The major nations are:

Nagiishan League: A loose alliance of cities and noble states with feudal structure.

Population: 1,000 billion
Government: 5 (Feudal technocracy)
Law level: 6
Tech level: A
Dekaan Republic: A highly centralized federation, ruled mostly as a Vilani bureau. The republic owns a C starport (downport only).
Population: 700 million
Government: 9 (Impersonal bureaucracy)
Law level: A
Tech Level: B
Freedom Area: A religious, technophobic dictatorship.
Population: 500 million
Government: D (Religious dictatorship)
Law level: C
Tech level: 5
Gemdurkhaagash District: An hereditary barony currently ruled by an Iishakku or Baron. The current Iishakku, Shannash Gemdurkhaagash, holds power by virtue of controlling a few dozens of relic grav tanks.
Population: 300 million
Government: B (non-charismatic dictatorship)
Law level: 9
Tech level: 8
Kishnaar City-State: An independent, populous city which maintains control of an extensive region around itself.
Population: 200 million
Government: 4 (Democracy)
Law level: 4
Tech level: 8
Zunarsha: A corporation which is directly in control of a large archipelago, and is also a major economic power in most of the other nations. Owns a C starport.
Population: 200 million
Government: 1 (Corporation)
Law level: 3
Tech level: B
The remaining nations have a joint population of 2,500 millions, a mean law level of 8, and a mean tech level of 8. In summary:

Nagiishan League 1,000 569
Dekaan Republic 700 9AB
Freedom Area 500 DC5
Gemdurkhaagash District300B99
Kishnaar City-State 200449
Zunarsha Corporation 20013B
Rest (aggregate)2,500789
TOTAL (aggregate) 5,400789

The Geonee Confederation has contacted Nagiida, but most of the Vilani governments actively oppose any contact. A Geonee consulate exists within Zunarsha's territory, but the Dekaan Republic has forbidden all Geonee to enter its territory.

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