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by Eamon Watters

Pre-Collapse this system was the base for 'The Gammist Trade Defence Company', the largest mercenary organisation that operated in this subsector. It provided escorts for the shipping organisations that grew rich on the Hiver-Imperial trade that passed through this subsector. With the disruption of trade that resulted from the rebellion, which led to the subsector falling into recession as the route shifted upwards towards Margaret's Realm, business dropped for awhile. Then, when the systems of the area fell into conflict, trade picked up again. After a few incidents when worlds held the families of GTDC employees to ransom, the board decided to not only make Gammist their Base of operations, but their home.

By 1129 almost all of the company's dependants were living there. When the collapse came they found it easy to survive on the world, which was friendly enough, save when sand storms were kicked up in the summer. They used their technical support division to recover to their previous tech level of 9, and repaired the Naval Base on the ground side to support a System Defence Force. This sufficed to keep the Planet free from Vampire attacks, and so life went on easily enough.

Contact from Strom in 1138 threw the world into a panic. They were confronted with a starfaring planet who had obviously spent their time more constructively than they had. A trade pact was signed in 1139, and by this time work had started on restoring The Naval Base to it's full capacity. The company contacted the Droyne of Yoryunssoy, and offered a defence pact that would see their ships protecting the Droyne's system, in exchange for Droyne goods and support. A similar treaty was sought and signed with Gamvina in 1141. Currently this world is secure in it's role as protector of the non-aligned worlds of the Pact, but is not happy with their low tech level, or their reliance on the Yards at Gamvina for major maintenance.

In 1195 they started the 'Homeworld' programme. They offered free passage and a guaranteed job to anyone in the Pact that wished to emigrate to Gammist. Some worlds resisted this, but the terms of the Pact allowed free passage between the worlds, and so no challenge could be made to it. So far there has been a good response from some worlds, especially Leroy and Gamvina, and some small worlds outside the pact. They hope to have the world's population exceeding half a million by 1210.

Gammist claimed some nearby systems as it's own in response to Strom's expansion. They are:

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