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by Eamon Watters

This world managed to weather the collapse fairly well. With an operational B class port in orbit, and the masses of ordinance the former Dictator kept to keep himself in power, there was more than enough firepower to tackle any Vampire incursions. Unfortunately, the government handled the planet's recovery badly, and it seemed that the planet's tech level would drop below that necessary to support it's defences. On contact by Strom it attempted to make up it's losses by sending it's brightest off to be educated there. When, and if they returned they found their work being stifled by the all-seeing bureaucracy. Their efforts weren't in vain though, the tech level was stabilised at 8, but advances seemed impossible. There was the addition fact that Gamvina was claiming it's own systems, emulating Strom and Gammist, and trying to persuade it's former colony of Forban to return to the fold. The system joined the Pact, more to obtain Hiver aid than out of a Vision for the future. The government has started to reduce restrictions on it's citizens in order to placate their increasing discontent with their situation, whether this will do more harm than good remains to be seen. There is a Hiver Staging Base operating out of the orbital port, as well as a small military base for the Planetary Navy. Most of the activity at the Staging Base is patrol work, few Hiver Convoys enter the Pact here.
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